Carl Dalio

Carl Dalio: Color Power - The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color

Video Length: 2 Hours
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Carl DalioFree yourself of color inhibitions. Watch Carl take a flat street scene and turn it into a colorful, energetic, environment using lush color and active brush work. Carl Dalio explains the different types of light and where to anticipate areas perfect for adding vibrancy.

Carl gives a brief explanation of perspective, explains the strengths of his limited palette and executes a quick sketch directly on his watercolor paper. He paints the scene in a logical yet free manner including simple figures. You learn how to keep your colors clean and vibrant as you make your own painting full of life and energy.

Carl Dalio was trained as an architect but lives and works as as fine artist. His painting spans these two approaches to visualization. Carl combines a disciplined drafting technique with a watercolorist's vision and bold approach to color. In this workshop, he transforms a flat street scene into an energetic environment using lush color and active brushwork. Carl begins with a short lesson on perspective.

He sketches his scene, paying constant attention to line relationships that guide the eye. He encourages the use of artistic license as he edits and removes elements from his photo reference. He draws directly onto his watercolor paper and allows his construction lines to become part of his final painting.

With his sketch in place, Carl charges his subject with layer upon layer of brilliant purples, rich earth tones, and warm greens. He enhances depth and contrast by controlling color temperature, and he builds relationships with repeated hues. He varies the thickness and balance of his color mixes as he fills in large shapes. Even before he adds windows and roof lines, his walls glow with eye-catching gradients and texture.

Carl works with a large, round brush for most of the workshop. He enjoys the freedom and flexibility of combining controlled tip strokes with loose washes that use the length of the brush. He switches effortlessly between bathing a building in a rose-colored wash and adding tiny legs to a figure on a sidewalk. Throughout the workshop, Carl gives advice on managing your palette, paper, and water to keep your colors luminous and clean. You'll learn to simplify your palette and to avoid dull grays.

The video is two hours plus a mini workshop on how and where to look for reflected color and light.

Carl's constant attention to design and color management results in a scene that radiates energy. To learn a freeing and exciting method for working with watercolor, join us for Carl Dalio on Color Power: The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color.