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Bill Davidson 4 Video Bundle


Video Length: 28 Hours
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This bundle includes 4 popular videos by Bill Davidson 

Landscape Painting Secrets

Video Length: 5 hours, 55 minutes

Bill gives you a step-by-step demonstration, from setting up your materials to adding the finishing touches to your work — paying particular attention to four primary areas of the painting that deliver maximum effect for the viewer:

  • The sky and clouds...
  • Water and reflections...
  • Foreground and middle-ground elements...
  • Making the final adjustments and adding elements like birds...


Bill starts the demonstration by performing a full tonal painting, then explains why he makes every one of his decisions. Next he shows you how he premixes all of his colors and why he tests them multiple times...

Finally, he leads you on your own fun and exciting landscape painting experience.


Follow Along as Bill Davidson Reveals:

  • How to train your eye to perceive the right shapes and values for your painting
  • The very first thing Bill does when he begins a painting
  • How to make the best spacing and lighting choices
  • How to work with weight and value
  • What every artist should know about painting foregrounds and backgrounds
  • How to capture the subtle nuances of reflections on water
  • The secret to working with mid-tones and making flawless temperature shifts
  • How to resolve the common problems you'll run into with shapes
  • How to use focal points to create "strong areas of interest" within your composition
  • Making "little adjustments" that create more depth and texture
  • The most common mistakes that landscape painters make and how to avoid them
  • Bill's palette and WHY he chooses these specific colors to paint different clouds, the sky, and reflections
  • The only four questions you need to ask to get your mixing right
  • Why taking risks can give you the very best results in your work
  • How to use dark tones to pull elements into the foreground
  • Using shifting values to capture movement in the various elements of your painting
  • What you need to know about lighting that can make a key difference in getting your work into galleries
  • How to create the tension between elements that moves the viewer's eyes across the painting
  • How to work with contrasts like the pros do it
  • Bill's favorite iPad app and how he uses it for experimenting with the final touches on a painting
  • How to take ordinary elements in your painting and make them extraordinary
  • How to add the finishing touches to your painting

...and much, much more.


How to Paint Glowing Landscapes

Video Length: 6 Hours

    With this exclusive video training, you will learn:

    • How to create a landscape painting with a gorgeous sunset
    • What you need to know about color harmonies
    • A great way to draw people's attention to the focal area of your painting
    • The No. 1 thing you need to succeed as a painter (Hint: It's not hard work and discipline)
    • Plus a whole lot more


    Would you give up a career as a highly paid trial attorney to pursue your passion as a painter?

    Well, that's exactly what Bill Davidson did.

    And it's safe to say his decision has paid off. After all, he's now an established painter who's won countless awards.

    Bill has produced stunning landscape paintings that are admired by art lovers all over the world

    And if all that wasn't enough, he's also earned himself a reputation as a fantastic teacher of painting.

    (His having taught over 100 workshops is a testament to this fact!)

    That's one reason we're thrilled to announce the release of one of the most in-depth art instruction videos we've ever put together.

    In this exclusive video lesson, Bill shows you, step by step, how to paint a beautiful landscape painting with plenty of captivating "glow."

    If you follow the steps Bill has laid out for you, you're almost guaranteed to create a masterful paint.


    Painting Simplified

    Video Length: 7 Hours

    Here’s just a bit of what you’ll get in this video:

    • Use your intuition and just see what you get!
    • Transfer energy from your mind to your canvas
    • Point to your focal point … without a big arrow that says “Look Here”!
    • Lively shadows … a MUST for every artist
    • A little risk goes a long way — Bill shows you!
    • Is representational really abstract? (Bill explains!)
    • The ONE thing that allowed Bill to double his sales in a year — don’t miss this!
    • Bill’s 3-step method to build character and depth (yes, it’s that simple!)
    • How your mental state determines the quality of your paintings (you’ll wish you’d known this a long time ago!)
    • The #1 thing you MUST possess in order to be successful
    • And much, much more...


    Chapter Outline:

    1. Introduction & Inspiration
    2. Design
    3. Materials
    4. Tonal Wash
    5. Color Wash
    6. Focal Point
    7. Work From Top to Bottom
    8. Develop the Painting
    9. Move to the Finish
    10. Finish the Painting


    1. Editing Your Composition
    2. Interview with the artist conducted by B. Eric Rhoads
    3. Digital Gallery of some of Bill’s finest artwork


    Landscapes Reinvented:


    • How to use the “soft sideways touch”
    • Using discordant or intense colors skillfully
    • How to use yellow in temperature shifts
    • How to layer all paints for more exciting final paintings
    • The secret to creating depth and atmosphere in a close-up scene
    • Above-water rocks made easy
    • Underwater rocks that look realistic
    • How to make overall design much easier
    • The three values to build into your design
    • How to use the “windowpane” to create focal points
    • The right way to mix colors to show color recession and contrast recession
    • And more…How to paint an engrossing scene of a cabin by a river
    • The best way to layer trees for depth
    • How to easily create a sense of harmony
    • The secret dull color that is the key to excitement
    • How to create temperature shifts quickly
    • Keys to variety in color harmony
    • Bill’s brush secrets
    • How to use the “soft sideways touch”
    • Using discordant or intense colors skillfully
    • How to use yellow in temperature shifts
    • How to layer all paints for more exciting final paintings
    • The secret to creating depth and atmosphere in a close-up scene
    • Above-water rocks made easy
    • Underwater rocks that look realistic
    • How to make overall design much easier
    • The three values to build into your design
    • How to use the “windowpane” to create focal points
    • The right way to mix colors to show color recession and contrast recession
    • And more…



    Here are some more quick facts about the incredible Bill Davidson:

    • Bill has been teaching for 15 years
    • Taught the first ever, highly acclaimed SOAR workshop
    • Signature Member of OPA, AIS, LPAPA
    • Member of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
    • Won the Teton Conservancy Award 2016
    • Won the Teton Purchase Award 2015
    • Winner Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art 2011, 2012, and 2013
    • International Masters of Fine Art 2013, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
    • Best Landscape Award by Southwest Art Magazine Salon International Show 2011
    • Won Plein Air Rockies 2012 Poster Award and Directors Gold Medal
    • Carmel Arts Festival 2011 Juried Paint Out
    • Oil Painters of America 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013 National Shows
    • Oil Painters of America 2006, 2007, and 2009 Regional Shows
    • Modern Maritime Masters 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Shows, Mystic Seaport Maritime Gallery
    • National Arts for the Park 2006, Top 100 mini-show
    • And more…



    A secret Bill Davidson has discovered about the actual paint itself

    This happens at the moment of applying paint to canvas

    Bill has a unique teaching style. He often links new things to older, well-known things. That makes it very easy and quick to learn the secrets he is sharing.

    Through trial and error, Bill has discovered that your best paintings will require you to make THREE passes with color.

    On the FIRST PASS, the paint you’re using should be the consistency of OLIVE OIL.

    The SECOND PASS should be using paint the consistency of BUTTER

    Then the THIRD PASS happens. This pass is critical. Your paint should be the consistency of THIS. You’ll not only find out what that last key consistency should be, you’ll also find out WHY these three passes NEED these consistencies.

    Few artists will tell you the “consistency” of the paint you should be using. When you think about it, that’s strange. Obviously it makes a difference if you are trying to spread very thick paint versus thin, runny paint.

    It makes a difference in how much area the color will cover and in thickness, texture, and impact. 

    Bill has made this distinction AND gives you the right comparison to everyday items so you KNOW when you have it RIGHT. Think of how powerful that will be for you.

    Then, when you have completed the THREE passes of color, you’ll let it completely dry. 

    After that, there’s one mini-step Bill shares that will bring all of the colors together and add the final secret part that simply draws eyes in like a magnet. 

    THIS is when you get maximum attention for your final paintings. THIS may be the reason that collectors, peers, and everyone take REAL notice. You may end up selling more paintings for more money with THIS one final step.

    Now’s your chance to learn from Bill Davidson himself in his exclusive new video, Landscapes Reinvented

    After you go through Bill’s video, we’re confident your landscape painting skills will jump to a whole new level. Let this video be your secret weapon. Don’t tell anyone. Just let your new finished paintings do the talking. 


    Chapter Breakdown:

    Before You Start Painting

    1. Introduction: 
      • Bill introduces a FINISHED PAINTING he’ll use as reference for his demo. He encourages students to paint along. 
    1. Bill has new steps for success that work for his workshop students and he’ll share them in this video
    1. Inspiration & Attitude
    2. Design, Design, Design
    3. Color & Value
    4. Materials & Tools


    Painting Demonstration Part 1

    1. Demonstration Step 1: Establish the Design
    2. Demonstration Step 2: Evaluate the Design
    3. Demonstration Step 3: Color Mixing Exercise for Depth
    4. Demonstration Step 4: Color Mixing for This Painting


    DISC 2

    Painting Demonstration Part 2

    1. Demonstration Step 5: Start at the Focal Point
    2. Demonstration Step 6: Paint the Cabin, Rocks & Water


    Painting Demonstration Part 3

    1. Demonstration Step 7: Second Pass of Color
    2. Demonstration Step 8: Finishing Touches



    • Design Tool for Artists: how to use the Procreate® app to help see your paintings along the way way, so you can “play” with changes BEFORE you make them on your painting
    • Oiling Up: Almost done with a painting but not sure where to go with it, let it sit and dry, then learn how to “oil it up” to bring out the color richness and complete the painting without fear of messing up what you already did
    • Interview with Bill Davidson by Eric Rhoads
    • Exhibit of Works: inspirational showing of Bill’s paintings
    • High-Speed View: timelapse of video