97 Incredible Art Secrets From The World's Finest Artists

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Discover The Ultimate Painting Secrets From Over 50 Of The World's Most Respected And Accomplished Artists — OVER FIVE HOURS OF VIDEO For FREE!

We could have called this video “Painting’s Greatest Hits” because it contains over 97 segments taken from our other full-length videos. The purpose is to demonstrate the best tips and techniques from top artists that you can practice right as you watch.

Owning these helpful tools on video is a great way to learn. You’ll have the chance to practice over and over until you’ve mastered the desired skills.


Here’s just some of what you’ll discover when you add this video to your resource library:

  • Art legend Albert Handell shares his best on glazing and scumbling … this is seven decades of painting experience for you!
  • Christine Lashley expertly demonstrates how to create memory studies and how to make your paintings last for hundreds of years.
  • Chantel Barber explains how to salvage a bad painting (you must know this so you don’t abandon what could be a great work of art!).
  • Amery Bohling offers painting tips for every level of artist.
  • Cheri Christensen shows you how to photograph your subject so you’ll have a successful painting.
  • Debra Joy Groesser offers quick tips for every artist — don’t miss even one of these great tidbits!
  • Scott W. Prior shares some of his best techniques for cityscapes. He’s great at this and you’ll learn a lot!


How do you know when you have a successful painting? Bob Rohm is here to tell you!

You’ll want to try every one of the methods that Ken Salaz shares with you — from creating form with light to perspective … this is just what you need to succeed!

Are you confused about color? Don’t worry … Suzie Baker demonstrates her color theory — don’t miss this!

A good painting takes good design. Charlie Hunter helps you achieve excellent principles of design in this video!

And so much more!


Keep this video handy and review it often. It’s set up perfectly with an opening slide for each segment displaying the artist’s name and the technique they show. This will make returning to a specific spot each time you want to practice a breeze! 


Paint Along

We recommend you paint right along with the artists in the video. This allows you to put your new skills into practice right away — one of the best things you can do to improve faster and retain more!

Picture yourself advancing your own painting skills whenever you’d like and at your own pace — all in the comfort of your own home or studio. Imagine how impressed your friends and family will be when they see your new creations! 


Our Goal is to Make You a Better Painter

Imagine how good it will feel when your painting skills increase and your confidence grows. If you’ve ever wanted to show off your work, or sell it, but didn’t think it was good enough — those days are almost over! 

Whether you choose to have the DVD version mailed to you or select the instant video, there’s over five hours of instruction you can put to use the minute this video arrives.

You’ll learn from some of the world’s best artists teaching their most secret painting tips. You’ll see these artists plus more!

  • ​Kim Casebeer
  • ​Mark Fehlman 
  • ​Kathleen Hudson 
  • ​Bill Davidson 
  • ​Chuck Marshall 
  • Jennifer Balkan 
  • ​Thomas W. Schaller 
  • ​John Pototschnik 
  • ​Jim Wodark 
  • ​Nikolai Blokhin
  • Laurin McCracken 
  • ​Shuang Li 
  • ​Lori McNee 
  • ​Brenda Swenson 

And many more of your favorite artists!


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