Sherri Haab

Sherri Haab: Resin Jewelry


Video Length: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
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Artist Sherri Haab opens up the limitless possibilities of resin jewelry. 

Sherri presents 15 fun, unique projects that add a personal touch to your creations.

Along the way you learn the important differences between casting and coating resins and the uses for each. You also see the differences between dyes, fluid pigments and powders. Sherri works with purchased molds, shows how to cast original designs in silicone and turns household items into exciting accessories.

With Sherri's techniques, you can coat your favorite images for a customized charm bracelet, float dried flowers in an elegant pair of earrings and turn old game pieces into a pendant or dangle. You see how to embed objects, create colorful inclusions and make pins, pendants, buttons and beads.

You learn to create striking metallic effects with acrylics and mica and swirl powders and pigments to cast colorful stripes and layers. You see Sherri back resin with gold leaf and emulate granite, quartz, and vintage bakelite jewelry. She shares sanding and polishing techniques for a professional finish. These resin creations make wonderful personalized gifts. The workshop is 1 hr. 53 min. in length plus artist gallery and printout of resource list.


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About Sherri Haab

Sherri Haab is a best-selling craft author with over 20 published books to her credit, with several titles selling over a million copies. She is a certified metal clay instructor, leading numerous PMC craft and jewelry making workshops nationwide. She also develops new craft products including her patented "Image Transfer Solution". Sherri has released 2 video's (Metal Clay and Resin) and has appeared on several television programs (HGTV, DIY and PBS). She lives with her family in Utah.