Sherri Haab

Sherri Haab: Precious Metal Clay Jewelry

Video Length: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
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Sherri Haab has done the research so you can free your creative spirit to work with precious metal clay. 

Sherri takes you through the processes required for correct construction and firing to insure success. Learn how to smooth seams, strengthen wires, set stones, personalize charms and correctly size rings. You learn to make your own molds from family heirlooms and create fantastic, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Craft fine jewelry from the comfort of home with mixed media artist Sherri Haab. In this workshop, Sherri teaches the foundation skills for precious metal clay and sends you to work on five fun projects. Sherri finds patterning possibilities everywhere – in lace, leaves, bubble wrap, textiles and tree branches.

You'll transfer these designs to clay and create your own using stamps, homemade molds, cookie cutters, scissors and your bare hands. She helps you master delicate tools like blades and needles and even teaches a few tricks with pliers and a hammer. Her flexible methods allow you to refine edges and details as you go, and she adds a striking finish to each piece with patinas, gemstones, dichroic glass or a simple high silver shine.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have a bracelet, pendant, ring, pin and earrings – a complete, hand-crafted set of sparkling silver and gold. To make accessories that truly fit your friends, family and self, join Sherri Haab in Precious Metal Clay Jewelery. 


In this segment, Sherri teaches you how to create a pendant by transferring an image to a delicate piece of PMC.

About Sherri Haab
Sherri Haab is a best-selling craft author with over 20 published books to her credit, with several titles selling over a million copies. She is a certified metal clay instructor, leading numerous PMC craft and jewelry making workshops nationwide. She also develops new craft products including her patented "Image Transfer Solution". Sherri has released 2 DVD's (Metal Clay and Resin) and has appeared on several television programs (HGTV, DIY and PBS). She lives with her family in Utah.