Scott Tallman Powers

Scott Tallman Powers: City Scene


Video Length: 9 Hours
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This outstanding video shows how to simplify an outdoor Chicago scene on a rainy day into a gallery-worthy painting. Scott's instructions on how, why, what to do, and what not to do are virtually continuous as he paints. His art education and his long participation in the art scene provide him with in-depth knowledge, and he communicates that to the viewer in a down-to-earth style.

If you enjoy painting city scenes or if you want to learn how it's done, this is the video for you. Scott explains his thoughts and actions thoroughly and leaves no doubt of what to do to ensure that a painting reflects the artistic nature of a scene.


Customer Reviews

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Donna Long
Awesome Video

This is one of my favorite videos. From monochromatic study, to Plein air painting and Studio painting, Scott shares his knowledge and thought process while he paints. He also, explains "why" he's making the decisions he makes as he goes. I am thankful for every minute and every close up brush stroke. And also very happy that he didn't speed up the process on any kind of high speed editing. He is a great artist and teacher which is not easy to find and I highly recommend this video.

Walter Mosley
Great video

Great to see his process and see painting slowly take shape, not sped up or anything.

Marianne Kuhn
Scott Powers city

So...I havent watch that DVD for two years but found it to be informative and I enjoyed watching his brushstroke in process. It went a little long, I Dont think they edited out one brushstroke. I thought it was fun to see how many times he said so, I guess Im not the only one that does that. I would definitely recommend it to anyone painting a city scene.