Robert Burridge

Robert Burridge: Painting Abstract Landscapes & Trees


Video Length: 0 Hour 44 Minutes
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Watch and learn how Robert Burridge begins his abstract landscapes and "drip tree" paintings.

From his four basic compositions and loose approach to painting, you will quickly learn the thrill of making up your own visual gems. In this video is Robert explaining and painting his approach to making abstract landscapes and trees. Using acrylics, tissue paper and his twenty years of teaching experiences, Robert clearly demonstrates each step on how he creates paintings for his museum exhibitions.

Watch as he prepares the surface, makes composition choices, chooses color combinations and begins painting four landscapes. Additionally, Robert shows his different techniques for creating trees reductive, negative shape painting starting with loose, crazy, colorful messes all the way to original finished paintings. This video will get you started with a more confident and positive attitude for painting the way you have always wanted to paint. These techniques work for him and can easily work for you too.