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Erik Koeppel: Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters


Video Length: 9 Hours 40 Minutes
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Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters Fully Explained And Demonstrated!

Be One Of The Proud Few Who Immortalizes America’s Majestic Landscapes!

Let Erik Koeppel Show You How To Paint America’s Majestic Mountains and Tangled Forests.

The Hudson River School Masters were renowned for their impressive ability to capture the beauty, grandeur, and untamed wilderness of the rugged early-American landscape. 

Centuries later, their art still evokes a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world, easily recognizable and unique in its own right.

Now, you have the opportunity to learn the same techniques the Hudson River School Masters used…

…and create paintings that preserve America’s rich history.

Times are changing.

Technology is moving faster and it’s getting more difficult to keep up.

What we’re familiar with is slowly disappearing…

…but as artists, you have the power and skill to save the memories that built America. 

By using your painting creativity, you can play a part in history.

The techniques in this video course will ensure that you have the right skills and insight to paint America’s majestic mountains and tangled forests — a tradition that was celebrated by The Hudson River School Masters.

Come and join Erik Koeppel as he demonstrates some of the finest oil painting techniques originating from the Masters of the Hudson River School.


Meet Your Instructor, Erik Koeppel!

Erik Koeppel is not like any other traditional landscape painter…

He may be young, but he is widely recognized as the leader in the revival of both the techniques and the philosophy of the Hudson River School Masters.

He has dedicated over a decade to studying the Hudson River School Masters — researching their writings and notes, and discovering how they captured the feel of nature in their paintings. 

Students from all over the world fly to Erik’s workshops, which are often limited to only a few lucky artists.

Thanks to this best-selling video course, you now can study these techniques and understand the rich history through Erik’s unique observations.

Before you know it, you too will have the insight to paint like the masters!

This video workshop starts with a demonstration and discussion on sketching your composition, understanding what is important to leave in and what is equally important to take out. We then join Erik on location to do an outdoor "plein air" oil sketch, focusing on a separate study to unravel the complexity of painting trees at sunset.

We then take you into the studio for hours of enjoyment and story-telling, detailing the rich history of the Hudson River School Masters and demonstrating the glazing techniques of the Hudson River School Masters. 

These elements come together to create an in-depth studio painting with you enjoying a birds-eye view of every step, enhanced by Erik’s expert instruction and insightful commentary.

Then PleinAir Magazine publisher B. Eric Rhoads conducts an in-depth interview with Koeppel so you can understand the thinking behind his artwork and technique. We also show you an exhibition of some of his most inspired paintings.


Unlock the secrets of the Hudson River School Masters and discover:

  • The captivating painting techniques of the Hudson River School Masters and a unique look into their artistic process…
  • Unleash their powerful landscape composition techniques that will breathe life into your paintings…
  • Create impactful scenes by deciding what to leave in and what to take out…
  • Learn how the Hudson River School Masters CAPTURE the essence of a scene…
  • An in-depth tree study done at sunset, exploring the intricacies of light and shadow as seen through the eyes of the Hudson River School Masters…
  • The unique Hudson River School glazing techniques that help define their paintings (you cannot miss this one!)
  • Insight into the master’s brushwork, color theory, composition, texture, and other invaluable artistic approaches…
  • The tools and paints Erik Koeppel uses to get authentic results…
  • PLUS: Why Erik suggests limiting your palette to just a few colors… 
  • And much, much more!

Who Is This Video Course For?

This video is perfect for:

  • The TRUE artist who wants to master the techniques that created a movement…
  • Artists who love painting landscapes and want to elevate themselves beyond the same old techniques…
  • Proud American artists who want to help immortalize America’s beautiful and untamed wilderness…
  • Anyone who wishes to learn good oil painting techniques and create their next masterpiece…


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chris North
Erik Koeppel: Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters

This is a fantastic set of lessons! Erics demonstration of the concepts is clear, concise and helpful. Although Ive painted for years, I learned much from this. I highly recommend it to those that are interested in understanding and improving their knowledge of this style of painting. A great investment.

Puck A.
Excellent Content

I am completely engrossed with the methods and information presented in this video. Which says a lot since I normally find watching videos torturous, even when I'm interested in the subject. Erik provides a thorough foundation for his approach with multiple projects presented as well as follow up steps to evolve your work in the studio.

Margie Kluska
Excellent insights into techniques of Hudson River School style

I found this video to be quite valuable for learning about the techniques of the Hudson River School painters. Not only is it historically interesting, but the techniques apply just as well today when trying to capture the essence of colors and atmosphere of the landscape. I especially found his explanation of the palette extremely helpful. Who knew that I could get blue from black!
The technique of thinning paint with medium to get softer colors and different hues was also interesting. I would have liked to have seen a chapter on glazing since, as he says, it is an important part of achieving a finished painting.
Very well done - clear explanations and interesting composition. Thank you!

Leah Tewari

Eric explains so much of all that he has mastered in the Hudson River school painting style.

Roberto Castellini
Excellent !

Helpful ,very clear and easy to follow. Great informations on color , composition , use of the oil , texture etc. In just a few hours Erik Koeppel gives an insight in the philosophy of seeing of the Hudson River School . Great stuff !!