Nicholas Coleman

Nicholas Coleman: Storypainting: Creating Emotion with Your Brush


Video Length: 4 Hours 22 Minutes
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Once upon a time…”


The greatest stories begin that way.

You know you’re about to go on an adventure.

The same feeling of excitement and expectation happens when you look at an engrossing story … rather a painting … by the great Nicholas Coleman.

Nicholas Coleman has an unfair advantage: his dad. You see, Nicholas grew up as his father, Michael Coleman, was building a massive career and enormous following as a landscape artist. As Nicholas tells it, “It was an  accidental apprenticeship.” Then, it was off to college.

Nicholas attended Brigham Young University in Utah where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 

As he returned to work again with his legendary dad, Nicholas’ career began to explode. They had an energy between them and pulled each other in unique directions. 

Most of us don’t have that type of environment, and we often struggle to improve our skills. Many of us have sometimes listened to and learned from painters who were no more talented than we were. And, of course, that was not helpful at all. 


That’s what makes this video so transformational. 

Nicholas’ talent is off the charts. And it is fueled by a genuine passion for telling a story that is slipping away over time. Often his paintings have a common narrative of struggle, fortitude, and resiliency through characters and setting. His paintings are a way to preserve the fading heritage of the American West. 

Sometimes just losing yourself in one of his paintings allows you to flirt with the fantasy of trading your modern life for a simpler time, out in the open, often by a fire. No distractions from technology. Just the calm evening, the fire, and your thoughts. 

This is true magic. Nicholas takes you into each brushstroke and you see — for the first time — HOW he creates this incredible effect.

Once you see it, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can become proficient at creating this same effect with just a little practice. It will transform your ability to make smoke look real. 

Telling the story … Storypainting

Yes, paintings CAN tell a story. But do your paintings tell a story? Or does the painting actually get in the way? 

You’ve probably looked at a painting and noticed the values were off, the colors were too harsh, or the edges were too crisp. All of this adds up to a feeling of “something’s off,” and you just can’t get into the story because the painting itself is stopping you. 

Nicholas has solved all of that with his techniques. He will show you exactly how to make all those problems go away so your painting can share its story easily and emotionally. 

Take a look at the demonstration painting and prepare to paint right along with him so you can put everything you like into practice.

If this painting intimidates you in any way, please don’t worry — you won’t have to go it alone. This is exactly what Nicholas teaches in this course. It will feel so good to create a painting so beautiful, won’t it?

Take a closer look at the painting and don’t miss these incredible features: water, reflections, smoke, fire, a figure, an amazing sky, and so much more…

Along with Nick, you’ll start with a blank canvas and move right along with him as he takes you through every step.

Just think … unlike traditional workshops, you’ll have these lessons on video. You can pause, rewind, stop if life gets busy, and pick up again right where you left off.


The Secrets of Nicholas Coleman

Follow along as Nick shares his six key secrets:

  • The benefits of painting outside and how it can help you more quickly advance your art skills … and your artistic goals and dreams.
  • The wonder of hybrid painting — using your own experiences to customize the elements you’ve observed and put them all into one breathtaking painting.
  • Confidence is key: Nick was told by teachers he shouldn’t paint Western scenes because it’s all been done before. His answer? “Yeah, but it hasn’t been done by ME.” You won’t help but see your own confidence growing just by listening, practicing, and executing everything that Nick shares with you.
  • Nick’s Rules? Break them.Of course there’s a time when rules are good — the rule of thirds, the golden mean, and many others. Nick shows you the bottom line … sometimes you just have to paint.
  • What is it about the sky that commands attention? Nick shows you the true colors of the sky and how you can accurately capture it without muddying the colors.
  • Reflecting on Reflection: As the sun sets, everything can cast shadows on the water — sky, trees, bushes, rocks, and more. Understanding how to paint these elements as reflections rather than stand-alone objects is a mist.


Study right along with Nick and you’ll see why this young artist is well on his way to the top.

Bonuses Included:

  • High Speed View™ of the start-to-finish demonstration painting
  • Exhibit of Works- slideshow of a collection of Nicholas’ paintings 
  • Insights from the Artists- peek in on a discussion with Nicholas and his artist father, Michael


Chapter Outline

  • Introduction–today’s painting: a serene lake at sunset.
  • Materials & Tools–brief review of oil paints, mediums, brushes and canvas. 
  • Draw the Scene–use vine charcoal to draw in the scene on the canvas.
  • Block in the Sky
  • Block in the Background
  • Complete the Block In
  • Build & Accentuate
  • Develop the Realism
  • Final Touches


Customer Reviews

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John Reid
Very Helpful & Enjoyable

My brother & I found found the video both helpful and enjoyable in spite of us being at very different skill levels in painting. I found the detailed process & demonstration well done & instructive. Many good ideas to try. My brother thought that it was great the way he built the story. By adding individual elements, one at a time. He chose things like the campfire that most people have warm & pleasant memories of that they have enjoyed.

Jocelyn Duchek
Excellent quality

I totally enjoyed the lessons in StoryPainting. I learned a great deal and am excited to put this new knowledge into practice. Thank you


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