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Mike Hernandez Combo Set


Video Length: 5 Hours 14 Minutes
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This Combo Set includes 2  Mike Hernandez Instructional Videos


Creating Drama with Light and Color

Here’s just some of what you’ll gain from this video:
  • Mike’s tricks to keep your paints fresh and ready while you paint!
  • For best results, keep it simple — Mike shows you just what to do!
  • Suffering with your blues? Here’s how to let the blues emerge from your paintings!
  • Composition is NOT just for beginners … it’s the foundation for every artist!
  • The ONE THING you shouldn’t buy when you paint with gouache … you’ll just be wasting money!
  • New to gouache? Mike helps you maximize your progress step by step!
  • Perform CPR on your paints so they’ll come back to life!
  • Discover how to stylize your shapes — a technique most artists don’t know or use!
  • When it’s good to be a control freak!
  • Painting from a photo? Great … but you must know a few things!
  • Don’t sabotage a potential winner by painting on the wrong surface!
  • When (and how) to create spaces for your viewers to rest their eyes
  • How to finesse and articulate (no magic, just method!)
  • Use “Mike’s Mixing Mastery” techniques to easily create the colors you want
  • Keep things fresh (here’s how!)
  • Need a cure for landscapes that are underwhelming and flat? (Here’s your Rx!)
  • These colors will help you make the best paintings (you gotta check this out!)
  • Painting from life? You MUST consider these two things first!
  • PLUS a whole lot more!


This hot new video is packed with over 2.5 hours of laser-focused instruction from one of today’s top artists!

We all long to find the extraordinary beauty among the ordinary things we see every day … and then capture that in our paintings. This takes training our senses to go around and away from what is right in front of us — to see the things that not everybody else would see.

This is what allows you to accelerate the quality of your paintings and to develop your own look … your own signature style!

In Creating Drama with Light and Color, Mike leads you to that place … the place where you can anticipate how the scene you’re seeing can become an incredible, high-quality painting. He’ll lead you on the journey to take your landscapes from flat to fabulous!

As a production designer at DreamWorks Animation, Mike has an extensive background in theatrical lighting. You’ll be amazed at how Mike takes what he knows from that world and applies it to bring theatrical-style lighting into landscape paintings!

This Is for YOU!

Mike conducts a full start-to-finish painting demonstration in gouache. If you’re a fan of gouache or you’ve been wanting to try this sometimes mysterious medium, you’re going to absolutely love this video because Mike is a master at gouache. He’ll show you everything you need to know to start experimenting with gouache or to amplify your skills if you’re already a fan.

Not interested in gouache? No worries! Mike’s insights and tips for creating dramatic paintings will work for you, too! 

Mike has been an instructor for years and knows how to teach and train for every skill level. So, regardless of where you are on your art journey, you’re getting just what you need to advance. This video is one you definitely want to add to your learning library. You’ll want to refer to it again and again so you can keep applying what Mike teaches to help you level up the quality of your paintings each time.

Mike has a fun and friendly personality as well as an easygoing teaching style. You’ll find it easy to learn from him and to apply all the techniques he presents. 

Owning this video gives you a front row seat to a Mike Hernandez workshop any time you want. You don’t have to travel, there’s no pressure to finish at a certain time, and you can even wear your favorite sweatpants and nobody will know! 



Design Powerful Paintings: Composition, Color and Perspective

Things you will learn from  Mike Hernandez in this video:

  • How to paint digitally — as simple as that!
  • Literal details or not so much? Mike has the answer!
  • Time to get busy simplifying. (Watch the video and it will all make sense!)
  • Why flip-flopping is not a bad thing
  • Shape hierarchy — sounds complicated, but it keeps things simple!
  • How to keep traveling eyes entertained
  • Risk-taking is the key to discovery
  • If you want to speak color, vocabulary matters!
  • How color mixing is more intuitive digitally
  • A new take on broken color
  • Design winning composition from big to little
  • Shapes and values rule
  • Glazing is not just for traditional painters!
  • Perspective and atmosphere (see how Mike does it!)
  • How cool it will be to know when to go warm or cool
  • Positive shapes? Negative shapes? And the winner is…
  • And much, much more

    What if Leonardo or Michelangelo or Rembrandt had the artists’ tools we have today? Imagine what amazing works they might have created without lifting a brush. Our age has provided powerful digital tools that allow endless experimentation, beyond anything these Old Masters could have dreamed of.

    In master artist Mike Hernandez’s new video, he shows you why digital painting is a wonderful way to practice, experiment, and accelerate learning more about painting. Although it can be an art form on its own, digital is a powerful tool for enhancing your skills as a traditional painter. The exact same principles apply, except with a computer, you can quickly preview how your paintings might look as you try different ideas along the way. If you are an accomplished traditional painter with oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, or whatever, you’ll immediately benefit from digital painting.

     Experimenting with a shape or color passage that takes hours with traditional media can happen in a flash digitally. This instant gratification allows lots of trial and error without investing lots of time. So when you wonder, “What if I changed this or that?” just click or swipe, and there’s your answer! Best part? You can quickly revert to previous work!

     This video offers you great insight into how powerful digital tools will make it super easy and fast to experiment with every element in your painting. You will find inspiration in the world of painting digital landscapes that stage color, design, and perspective in perfect harmony. It’s an amazing experience you’ll want to have. And the results in your next landscape will astonish all who see your newfound digital skills! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from one of today’s hottest artists!


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