Jove Wang

Jove Wang: Portrait Bundle



This bundle includes two popular portrait painting instructional videos by Jove Wang

Over 7 hours of in-depth instruction!


Jove Wang: Painting Expressive Portraits

You’ll discover:

  • Jove’s color palette — what colors he uses, where he places them on the palette, and why the placement is so important
  • How (and why) you should create a drawing in charcoal and color sketch before you begin painting
  • How to establish value and rhythm in your composition from the very beginning
  • How to outline and “sculpt” the contours of the face and then reveal the structure and shadows that bring your subject to life
  • Jove’s technique for establishing proportion and movement within his paintings
  • How to paint the details of the face
  • How to capture the energy and personality of your subject
  • The secret to using texture in your paintings
  • How to paint “from the inside out” so you can truly open up your feelings and show them on the canvas
  • How to make your paintings have a painterly feel, so they look like an artwork rather than a mere rendering 



Jove Wang: Essential Drawing Skills

You’ll learn:

  • The exact tools Jove uses and how he prepares them before he begins to draw
  • The correct way to find your perspective lines. Yes, perspective in portraits — something few artists understand how to do
  • The pencil strokes to use when you’re creating the outline of your subject
  • How to bring out the contours of the face, cheekbones, and forehead using shadows
  • How to use your eraser to soften and adjust features as you move through each stage of your composition
  • How to use subtle “expressive” lines to bring facial expressions to life
  • Which pencils you should be using (and at what stages of your drawing you should be using them)
  • How to search for movement and use straight lines to create a sense of rhythm in your work
  • Working with value — what this means and how to do it correctly when drawing a lifelike portrait
  • The ONE book Jove says you should have by your side if you want to learn how to create realistic and expressive drawings
  • What to focus on during the final stages of your drawing — including how and when to soften areas (and when you should make others sharp, crisp, and more defined)
  • How to examine the overall design and value of your work to create an emotional impact that aligns with your personal sense of expression
  • What to do if you feel like you lose your rhythm mid-drawing
  • How Jove infuses a sense of “soul” into his drawings and how you can do the same
  • Common “deadly” mistakes that rob your drawing of life and how to avoid them
  • Five diagrams that illustrate the basic principles of drawing the head and face
  • Understanding the importance of bone points and muscle insertion points on the skull and face
  • What you should know about the different angles and parallel lines of the face
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when drawing
  • The fascinating reason Jove prefers to use charcoal for female models
  • What type of lines you should use when drawing male subjects
  • How to go from the “inside” to the “outside” — what this means and how it can make a world of difference to your work
  • What you MUST know about structural lines and planes
  • The beautiful and irrational aspects of the learning and creative process
  • How to show expression using texture
  • How to “sculpt” your drawing using your vision and your emotions

...and much, much more!