Lisa Egeli/Amery Bohling Seascape Combo


Video Length: 7 Hours 8 Minutes
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There’s something about a well-done seascape painting that commands attention … and once your eyes are on it, it’s like you don’t want to look away.

Lisa Egeli’s art has that kind of wow factorIn Painting the Sea, She’s going to divulge her own methods for creating breathtaking seascape paintings so you can also experience the wow.

From a very young age, Lisa’s parents brought her along to paint outside with them. So taken by the world and all of its variety, Lisa traveled the globe for nine months and spent much of her time drawing and painting. As she filled up each sketchbook, she’d ship it to her parents who thought the books were the best travel postcards ever.

It was during these travels that Lisa found a new way to capture the fast-changing environment in a unique way which did NOT use a camera, nor did it rely on her ability to sketch or paint fast.

In this intimate video, Lisa reveals her closely-guarded secrets on how to bring the outside into your studio so you have a nearly endless amount of time to work on a painting until you get it just right — the way you want it to be.

Then, as you share your artwork, your heart and soul will shine through to deeply connect with your viewers. Just think … it will be your paintings people can’t look away from.


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One look at Amery Bohling’s paintings and you can see she has a thing for painting the sea. In Seascape Painting Secrets, Amery shows you, in detail, how to paint a captivating seascape where the water and the land embrace under a Malibu sunset.

You’ll see how Amery brings in beautiful, natural light on the waves, sand, and rocks. She demonstrates how best to work with shadows and forms to lay out your painting in a way that will capture the viewer’s attention … and their heart.

In this video, Amery shows you everything she does to create her exquisite artwork — from planning the painting to bringing out tiny brushes to include small details that will make a big difference.

After studying with Amery in this masterclass, you’ll want to put her methods into practice right away so your seascapes come alive.