Eric Rhoads

Art Marketing Bundle


Get the entire Art Marketing Boot Camp video series & Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed.

This special includes over 23 hours of art marketing training.

This program has changed the lives of hundreds of artists.

Want to sell more paintings, more quickly, and earn what your art is really worth?

You love creating your art, and you’re probably very good at it. But when it comes to marketing and selling your artwork, that may be a different story. It would be a lot easier if sales just happened, but most successful artists — most well-known artists — have mastered the art of marketing their work. Few artists become known by accident; most make things happen through a very specific marketing plan.

Sound difficult? It’s not.

If your goal is to sell more artwork, increase your visibility, and have more people desiring to own your art, Eric Rhoads’ Art Marketing Boot Camps will provide you with a step-by-step guide.


Customer Reviews

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Judith W.
Eric Rhoads: Art Marketing Boot Camp Bundle

We have learned so much from the DVDs and Eric's book. Eric shares so much knowledge and wisdom through every single DVD and his book. There is very helpful information if you are trying to get started with your art business and/or need to improve your marketing skills. Their customer service is amazing if you run into any technical issues (digital marketing material and/or DVDs). We also found it very inspiring. If you want to learn and/or improve your marketing skills and sale your art, you need to get this!

Linda Glover Gooch
Art marketing bundle

I've been working through all the videos that came with the art marketing bundle. I would recommend this to any artist who is interested in taking their career to a higher level. It is packed SO full of valuable information and having it to go over and over is necessary. I appreciate the opportunity to study these continually, I believe marketing is a life-time journey, not just done in a couple of months. I needed this 20 years ago!! Glad to have it now!

Darice Machel McGuire
Art Marketing Package

I was so excited to take advantage of the special offer for the Boot Camp marketing bundle. I learned so much and felt very motivated by the info. Lori McNee's video was informative but out of date. Google+ no longer exists. Other than that, I gained a lot of knew ideas and I'm now putting them to work.

Deborah Allison
Boot Camp Videos

I bought the special package of your boot camp videos. Watched them all.. It got me charged up!
I have a website and have been using your advice to get rid of friction, etc. We've sent letters to my past clients and generated new interest in my work. Immediately I've sold four paintings and gotten 3 commissions for portraits. Just exactly what I needed.


Treasure of information I am absorbing in small bites, one hour a day taking notes of course. I am discovering all the points I got wrong over the 45 years of my art career. With my new website set up, newsletter out (secured a large commission this first week incidentally) I am ready to press ahead. Invaluable video material to act as a foundation for the rest of my career.