Lori McNee, Kevin Macpherson & Debra Huse Bundle



11+ Hours Combined Length

The Ultimate Landscape Painters Resource Bundle! For one low price, you’ll get top instruction from 3 outdoor painting experts… 


Lori McNee: “Luminous Landscape Painting”

Master painters have long since discovered that a painting cannot be just a representation of a scene. A great painting needs to be a representation of a mood … the emotions the artist experienced in the place.

With this in mind, Lori shows you how to paint a winter landscape… and a summer one… in a way that captures the emotion you want!


Here’s a preview of the tips and techniques you’ll discover as you go through the training videos:

  • An easy way to bring shadows to life to make your paintings more pleasing
  • Local color: what it is and why it’s important
  • A great discipline for a landscape painter that most painters don’t have
  • Discover what Lori says the best painters have in common
  • How to soften the edges of the trees without losing your brushwork
  • Lori’s super tip for painting when traveling
  • The “Maynard Dixon technique” to give your painting the feel of the Old West
  • The tool to make water shimmer
  • Plus tons of other tips and techniques we want to leave as a surprise!


Kevin Macpherson: “The Magic Grid: Landscapes”


A master instructor, in this video, Kevin Macpherson begins with a review of the fundamental elements of painting, Kevin then takes a dip into the benefits of what he calls the “Magic Grid”. He shares several of his paintings to reveal the structures underneath that contribute to the strength of each award-winning work of art.

From there he jumps into a series of exercises that will help you understand how to use and create your own Magic Grid. You’ll find the Magic Grid will simplify painting for you, making you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and making the whole process of painting so much easier, giving you freedom to go where you want with your art. “Think of the grid like a road trip,” Kevin says. “The smaller intersections you create on this grid are like interesting stops along the way to the final main destination. In this way, we engage the viewer throughout the canvas and lead them to the main point of interest.”

And, as an almost-two-for-one bonus, once you’ve learned how the Magic Grid works, you’ll follow Kevin outdoors to put the grid to use as you paint a figure in the landscape from life. Get ready to spend a pleasant day painting by the pond.


In this video you will:

  • Manipulate and transform what you see to make better paintings 
  • Achieve more painterly results with tips to avoid the often-overused technique of blending
  • Learn techniques to think abstractly for more realistic results than found with “thing thinking” 
  • Make your painting appear three-dimensional with two-dimensional painting solutions 
  • Use brushwork, color, shapes, edges, and value to add interest and guide the viewer 
  • Learn how to paint a figure in the landscape, step by step 
  • And more!


Debra Huse: “Impressionism”


Sometimes, you know your paintings just don’t have the “X-factor” that makes people stop and take notice of your work. Every artist goes through times when their skills are lacking something … and they don’t always know what it is!

By studying with Debra Huse, you’re going to discover how to break things down into components, which will help you advance your art by looking at everything step-by-step rather than attempting to achieve a certain end-look and falling short.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The secret power of using the right kind of brush, the right way
  • The power of always adding this one element in your landscapes that have water
  • How to paint your state of mind right into your paintingand convey emotions
  • How to take a complicated subject and simplify it with massive impact
  • Using your artistic license and using a photo only as a guide
  • Why using Debra’s “Theory of Thirds” will make a well-composed painting every time
  • And much more!