Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso

Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso: Poetic Portraits


Video Length: 11 Hours 38 Minutes
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 Here are just some ways this video will help you:

  • Move from old 2D thinking to new 3D thinking — really cool!
  • “Connect and Correct” — the key to poetic flow in your portraits
  • Tone your canvas before painting (Gabriela spells out the benefits for you)
  • Background or foreground subject, where to start? 
  • Why lots of palette colors makes lots of sense!
  • Emphasizing and subduing, a real balancing act
  • Perseverance rules the day, every day!
  • Painting from photos vs. painting from life … which comes first?
  • Layering or glazing? What’s the difference?
  • Why walking away from your painting will bring you closer to the truth
  • Problem-solving for every portrait painter
  • Go to battle for your painting … and win!
  • “It’s not about the nostril” … find out why
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships
  • Projecting your feelings in your painting — who could ask for more?
  • Use this to draw and change things forever!
  • “Scumbling”… what is it, and how do you do it?(Here’s the answer!)
  • See volume in a subject and then paint it — just magical!
  • And, much, much more


A beautiful smile, a gleam in an eye, an expressive gesture, a swirl of hair, a glowing cheek…

Think of these portrait elements as passages in a poem or notes in a song. Then discover new joy as you compose them and find new opportunities that will thrill your viewers.

Because every portrait comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, you can benefit from Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso’s expert instruction techniques. She’ll help you overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities. Without this level of guidance, your portraits could languish far from the goals you have set for them.


Creating a Narrative Portrait

In this video, you’ll see how using Gabriela’s painting process can develop and tell the story of the subject. Discover, in your own voice, how you can achieve the likeness, mood, and facial character that make your subject, and your paintings, unique. You’ll realize when painting from life, that life is at the core of making a great painting.


Think in 3D on a 2D Surface

Gabriela teaches you how to approach a portrait as a three-dimensional form. The challenge and excitement come when you discover how to create the illusion of three-dimensional volume on a two-dimensional surface. She shows you exactly how to mold and sculpt the human head with all its subtleties. Her instructional approach is straightforward and direct, very easy to follow, and so beneficial, whether you are aspiring or already at a professional level on your artistic journey.

Taking a Fresh Look With a Fresh Eye

In this video, you’ll see Gabriela do something you may never have seen any other artist do. It’s so different, and you’ll want to try it yourself with your next painting. What is this unique method? She comes back to finish a painting about one month after she first created it … surprising, isn’t it?

She explains the importance of looking at your work with a fresh eye. As you are painting, you become attached to the decisions you make. But after a period of time, you can return with new objectivity and immediately see ways to enhance and improve a painting. Watch as Gabriela transforms her demo portrait into a more masterful work as she returns to the easel with clearer thinking. Fully understanding and applying this method alone makes this video a must-have addition to your resource library. 

About Gabriela

Gabriela received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and her work can be found in many notable private and museum collections. Her work has been published in The New York TimesFine Art Connoisseur, Artnews, and many other publications. Gabriela is represented by the Harmon-Meek Gallery in Naples, Florida, and she teaches painting and drawing at the New York School for the Arts, NYC, and the JCC of Manhattan. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jo Anne Brieff
A love for the Art

Professional by a professional is this superbly done video with the beautiful Gabriela. Dressed in a gorgeous black artists frock and a model sitting in as her subject, Gabriela tells the story, demonstrated in intricate steps, exactly how she approaches creating a portrait. This careful understanding of how to paint, has evolved her into a confident, kind and generous person, willing to offer as much knowledge as she can to others and comes through in this video.
I particularly enjoy the section on colors: How the models' face is created in different hues of similar colors, mixed and placed on her palette in small attached sections, each created after the other when needed that can be referenced easily. I also am fascinated with the spare amount of paint she uses, yet the finished product doesn't reflect that!
Thanks for this personal and instructional story, Gabriela.

Shreya Bagchi
An excellent presentation of portrait drawing and painting from the Master Portrait artist!

This video is an excellent resource for a beginner or an experienced portrait artist who wants to excel is his or her work. It takes you step by step from understanding the three dimensional structure of the head and then implement the same through drawing and painting. She takes utmost care in explaing each phase of the painting process that makes the student feel very comfortable.She encourages the student to understand each and every feature and form, that you draw or paint. She is not only a great artist but also an excellent teacher. I am only halfway through the video as I am working parallely on my self portrait and its been so helpful. It's undoubtedly the best investment that I have made towards my art education. I recommend this video for each and every person who wants to take his or her learning to the next level.

Marisa Esteban
Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso

Gabriela G Delloso's work immerses us in a unique, imaginative, personal and feminine universe.
Upon discovering her technique in this wonderful DVD, she has fascinated me with her delicate way of approaching the analysis of the portrait; The way of explaining her and her pedagogical method are easily understandable and extremely practical and make you want more than ever to continue painting. The best thing about this video is that it combines the technical part and the artistic part in the demonstration that is offered in a masterful way.
It is without a doubt the best money invested in my education as an artist.
I highly recommend it because it is a wonderful way to learn about materials, color, anatomy, and artistic vision.
It has been a wonderful discovery!

Elsa Fleites Wilkis

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter and want to take portrait painting to a higher level, this video is a must. Gabriela is not only a master painter but she is a master teacher. She makes what could feel daunting, easy by breaking it into clear thoughtful steps in the process of painting. Not only she demonstrates in practical terms her planning and execution of a portrait but she teaches in clear, simple ways the three-dimensional structures of the head. And in so doing, she guides the student to see with fresh eyes and understand what you are really seeing as you paint. Gabriela encourages the painter to allow for mistakes, re-thinking, corrections and adjustments as a natural part of creation. This video is an invaluable tool to possess. I find myself often re-playing parts of it depending on what area I am tackling when painting a portrait. Gabriela has strengthens the depth of my painting by teaching me to see and thinking clearer in all my creative work.

Malone A. Samuels, M.F.A.
Ms. Gabriela Gonzalez Delloso's Video Masterpiece: Poetic Portraits

I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso's artwork long before she created her excellent, edifying, and educational process video, Poetic Portraits. For me, her paintings have the feeling of an Old Master's work that's set in our contemporary times. And when I first saw her marvelous paintings I thought that it would be wonderful to have her share her experience and expertise as a truly gifted and exceptional artist. So when her video became available, I ordered it immediately. This is one of the greatest learning investments I have ever made. While viewing her video, I feel that I am actually in her studio with a caring instructor who is providing practical, hands-on knowledge that I can apply directly to my own work. She is a teacher who inspires me to try to continually better myself each time that I watch it. Additionally, she does it in a manner that comes across as warm and caring. As an Art Professor, I encourage my students, colleagues, and anyone else who I meet who's interested in painting to buy her DvD and actually a number of them have and have even thanked me for informing them about Ms. Gabriela's video. So, I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso for making her video, as well as thank those who were wise enough to make it available. Gabriela, please make another video lol !