Fehlman/MacDonald 2 Video Combo


Video Length: 6 Hours 25 Minutes
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Mark Fehlman: Design Strategies for Powerful Paintings


Here’s just some of what you’ll get in this video:

  • The #1 way to improve your artwork even before you start another painting
  • It’s okay to give Mother Nature a helping hand!
  • How to make your colors sing in harmony
  • Composition or color? Shapes or lines?
  • Meet the hero that will save your day (and your painting!)
  • Start well, finish strong — Mark spills it all
  • Color … Why limit yourself?
  • What’s so great about fuzzy, out-of-focus mountains?
  • The “Rule of Thirds” rules (Mark explains!)
  • What’s the temp? Warm and shady, cool and sunny?
  • Atmospheric perspective … here’s where to find it
  • Why sweat when you don’t have to?
  • How small shapes make big shapes look even bigger (it’s true!)
  • Low horizon, high horizon? Decisions, decisions!
  • Benefit from Mark’s exclusive 10-point checklist that you’ll want to keep handy forever!
  • Interview with the artist
  • Digital gallery of some of Mark’s finest artwork
  • And much, much more!



    John MacDonald: Mastering Values


    Here’s just a glimpse of what’s in store for you in Mastering Values:

    • A new way to see values in the landscape (you’ll see differently!)
    • How to use values to structure your painting (this is a deep dive like you’ve never experienced before)
    • Using values to give life to your color — no more flat and lifeless paintings!
    • The best method to create depth and atmosphere in your paintings — a trouble spot for many artists, but now it won’t be for you!
    • A specific technique to create better compositions — this is a must-see!
    • An easy way to direct the eye (you’re in control of how your viewers see your work!)
    • How to separate values from colors for maximum impact (this may be new news to you!)
    • The way to convey mood quickly, clearly, and in a way that is full of emotion (you’ll be painting a mood, not just a scene!)
    • How to slow down to speed up (no, really!)