Craig Nelson

Craig Nelson: Quick Studies: Figure Painting Techniques in Acrylic


Video Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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Whether you have 20, 30, or 40 minutes to paint, learn how to work within a time frame to achieve the results you want!

Some may question the purpose of setting a limited time-frame for figure painting studies, but artist Craig Nelson explains the benefits. It allows you to become more decisive, focus on what matters, and embrace the imperfections rather than dwelling on capturing every detail perfectly. With Craig's instructive advice, you will learn about color mixing, use of brush strokes, and how to use a palette to its fullest potential. By working your way through 3 separate paintings, you will be able to capture gestures, depict faces, and add accents to your figure.


This Video Features:

  • Color Mixing
  • Laying in Shapes
  • Negative Painting and Adjusting
  • Carving in the Shape
  • Intensifying Light and Shadow
  • Easy-to-follow art lessons from an experienced workshop and painting instructor


 The 20-Minute Figure - Male in sunglasses


 The 30-Minute Figure - Girl on Beach


 The 30-Minute Figure - Man on Bench