Christine Lashley

Christine Lashley: Paintings That Sparkle


Video Length: 6 Hours
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Here’s just some of what Christine Lashley has in store for you:

  • Powerful tricks to comprehend perspective (so simple you might not believe your eyes!)
  • Using reference photos? Great — just be smart about it!
  • Make your paintings sparkle!
  • Techniques to simplify urban scenes
  • Got questions? Christine has answers — she’s taught for more than 20 years!
  • Maximize your learning time and minimize your learning curve
  • Tips, tricks, and tools to abstract your paintings
  • Begin with the end in mind (a habit of highly successful people!)
  • Harness the power of color and double your paint choices!
  • Simplify complex subjects
  • Find your very own, very unique artistic voice (and you’ll be in perfect pitch!)
  • Get your drama on! (Onto your canvas!)
  • Train your brain and eyes and your hand will nearly train itself!


Paintings that Sparkle is sure to be one of our most popular videos ever because Christine is not only an accomplished artist in her own right, she has been teaching art for over 20 years. You can rest assured that she knows a thing or two (or a thousand!) about teaching every level of artist, from basic beginner to up-and-comers and even highly regarded professionals.

And the best part is that you don’t need to already be at a certain level to benefit from everything Christine will show you. This video is for everyone.

Just take a look at this short preview and you’ll begin to see why we just had to invite Christine into our recording studio after learning about her from artist Scott Christensen.

Watch the short preview video and you’ll immediately notice Christine’s long brushstrokes and her loose, rich style that gives life to a painting. She is a master at abstract shapes, colorful passages, and soft edges.

You’ll also see Christine’s unsurpassed ability to paint bright reflections oh so perfectly!

This is a skill that many artists never fully develop because they haven’t learned from someone like Christine, and now you have the chance to bring this coveted technique into your own paintings.

Christine is one of the best instructors to learn from because she doesn’t just teach a few classes and workshops throughout the year — much of her teaching experience has included 60 adult students per week. Just imagine what you’ll gain from someone who has so much to offer!

If you really want to paint differently, then you have to learn new and different techniques. There’s no better way to uncover all the new possibilities that are just waiting for you than by learning from a successful artist who has also been an instructor for over 20 years. Staying where you are means not growing or advancing as an artist … and that means being stuck.

Even if you've been painting for years, Christine's refreshing and in-depth painting instruction will give you a new vantage point. You'll be painting more loosely, more directly, and with more confidence! 

Order Paintings that Sparkle today and get on your journey to becoming the absolute best painter you can be.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jane johnson

Christine is a very good teacher with a lovely personality. I got a lot out of her video.

Ellie Boyd
Slow and Steady

Ms. Lashley is an accomplished painter and presenter. I enjoyed watching her paint the night time rainy city scene, and an exploration of her thought process prior to initial start. The subject matter was a bit out of my wheelhouse, city/night/rain, but it was engrossing.

Lesa Robertson
Paintings that Sparkle

I've been an admirer of Christine's paintings for a few years so I was excited to finally watch this DVD and paint along with her. Christine has a very laid back easy going teaching style that I really enjoy. She is generous in sharing her knowledge (not all artists are) and breaks the painting demo into manageable steps. I also use water mixable oils so I enjoyed hearing about how she uses them in her underpainting. I look forward to applying my new skills to my future paintings.

Teresa Cramer
Enjoying learning

Christine is a very gifted teacher and an amazing artist. Learned many things to enhance and improve my paintings.

Jana Withers
Christine Lashley Educates and Inspires

Christine Lashley has a unique ability to explain her thought process as she creates. There are many Artists who create masterpieces but are not Educators. Christine excels at creating beautiful art and at teaching. Very pleased with purchasing this highly professional video!