Annie O'Brien Gonzales

Annie O'Brien Gonzales: Expressive Still Lifes - Mixed Media Painting Workshop


Video Length: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
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Annie O'Brien GonzalesDevelop your own personal style through your painting composition and learn how to use artistry tools to their greatest potential!

In this workshop, host Amy Jones works with mixed media artist Annie O’Brien Gonzales to introduce you to Gonzales' approach to expressive still life florals. Traditional art forms may appear inflexible and standard in their techniques and uses, but artist Gonzales shares otherwise in her tips and instruction. With this video workshop, you will work your way through an expressive still life painting that incorporates your favorite objects, images and patterns. By bringing the painter into the painting, your still life will take on a whole new meaning and reflect more than just paint.

The tone is conversational and co-host  Jones works as a surrogate for a beginning painter as she asks questions and expresses concerns that you might at home. You also see Jones work through the same design challenges as instructor Gonzalez.

You will learn more than just painting techniques, however. From mark-making tips to collage inspiring techniques, you can mix creative color schemes and mixed-media components together to design a vibrant and vigorous painting. You will learn how to use the paintbrush in various ways to add depth, value, and shadow to your composition. There is freedom in this traditional art form, so discover it through your assembling of subject matter and arranging of your composition!


This Video Features:

  • Tips for setting up a still life with items meaningful to you
  • 91 minutes of premier workshop instruction
  • In-depth instruction on how to create a still life painting from beginning to end