Albert Handell

Albert Handell: Ultimate Pastel Workshop



This treasure trove contains over 20 hours of Albert Handell’s masterful demonstrations of pastel painting techniques.

What you’ll discover inside is how to maximize the “carrying power” of your paintings by applying easy-to-follow techniques, including many of his career-making tricks and strategies.

He’s going to demonstrate his “magical touch” by painting four UNIQUE landscapes from scratch in front of your very eyes: Water and Rocks, Mountains, Trees/Foliage, and Buildings.

This masterclass is the ultimate shortcut to creating eye-grabbing paintings that get recognition. You’re going to cut your learning curve by months — possibly years.

Because not only is Albert Handell a recognized master pastelist known to have “The Magical Touch” — the secret behind his masterpieces…

…he’s also a brilliant teacher with an uncanny ability to impart his knowledge and wisdom to his students with utmost clarity.

All you have to do is watch and learn his award-winning techniques … and soon, you’re going to know exactly how to create phenomenal paintings that command attention and admiration.


What Else Will Albert Show You in This Workshop?

  • Various skill-cementing exercises that will last you for life
  • Introductory techniques on how to use pastel effectively (pastel handling like you’ve never seen before)
  • Demonstration of different pastel strokes you could never learn from books alone
  • Master the elements: skies, rocks, atmosphere, and more (beginners will LOVE this)
  • How to strengthen your edges, value, and linework
  • Must-know techniques for painting trees with pastel
  • How to use complementary color that enhances your painting
  • How to mix colors on the surface of your painting
  • How to alter the value of a color by playing with pressure
  • Why the paper towel may be your best mark-making tool
  • How to make sunlight look strong
  • Advanced pastel texture techniques even beginners can try and have success with
  • How to approach natural vs. man-made structures
  • How to get building textures right every time
  • How to ensure your painting has a winning composition (must not miss!)
  • Albert’s “pastel drifting” technique
  • How to bring busy areas together in a simple and harmonious way.
  • How to bring two different colors with the same value softly together where they meet (must see!)
  • How to use charcoal for subtleties (Albert’s unique technique!)
  • How to bring your painting to life by understanding transparency vs. opacity
  • and so many more incredible lessons!


How to Get the Best Painting Experience…

This is an ONLINE video, and you can access it anytime you like. View this workshop on the app, and the system will keep track of where you stopped, making it easier for you to pick up where you left off if you ever need a break.

You can also watch it on an iPhone, tablet, desktop, Samsung SmartTV, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, or Roku, but they will not track your progress like No matter where you view it, we guarantee your painting skills will improve!


Customer Reviews

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Eleisa Martin
Albert Handell: Ultimate Pastel Workshop

I absolutely love this course and I haven't even finished it yet. There's so much knowledge that he shares and we get to hear it all. There's no fancy editing where they speed up the video, skip over what is being shared, or pan around to different sceneries. If I choose to fast forward I can. But why would I? A master painter is sharing his knowledge. That's worth listening to every single second.

Martha Allan
Old but New

This was a workshop unlike the usual Handel demonstrations. Part of that was probably aging and the need to do less but make more of an impact. Since I am 85, I appreciate the age thing, but Handel handled it well. He stated often that this was a demo and also made it clear that he was trying to teach all that he knew, which is considerable. Some were things I had heard him demonstrate in other demos, but others were new to me. All were helpful and I plan to go back to it often. I couldn't believe I had actually won this in a drawing, but was and am very grateful to all of you and, of course to Albert Handel for caring enough to do it,

Catherine G Iffen MA JD
Just watch him

Just watching Albert Handell's hands as he uses his pastels is an education in itself.

Eleisa Martin
Albert Handell: Ultimate Pastel Workshop

I absolutely love this course and I haven't even finished it yet. There's so much knowledge that he shares and we get to hear it all. There's no fancy editing w...