Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez: Design Powerful Paintings: Composition, Color, and Perspective


Video Length: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
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Things you will learn from  Mike Hernandez in this video:

  • How to paint digitally — as simple as that!
  • Literal details or not so much? Mike has the answer!
  • Time to get busy simplifying. (Watch the video and it will all make sense!)
  • Why flip-flopping is not a bad thing
  • Shape hierarchy — sounds complicated, but it keeps things simple!
  • How to keep traveling eyes entertained
  • Risk-taking is the key to discovery
  • If you want to speak color, vocabulary matters!
  • How color mixing is more intuitive digitally
  • A new take on broken color
  • Design winning composition from big to little
  • Shapes and values rule
  • Glazing is not just for traditional painters!
  • Perspective and atmosphere (see how Mike does it!)
  • How cool it will be to know when to go warm or cool
  • Positive shapes? Negative shapes? And the winner is…
  • And much, much more

    What if Leonardo or Michelangelo or Rembrandt had the artists’ tools we have today? Imagine what amazing works they might have created without lifting a brush. Our age has provided powerful digital tools that allow endless experimentation, beyond anything these Old Masters could have dreamed of.

    In master artist Mike Hernandez’s new video, he shows you why digital painting is a wonderful way to practice, experiment, and accelerate learning more about painting. Although it can be an art form on its own, digital is a powerful tool for enhancing your skills as a traditional painter. The exact same principles apply, except with a computer, you can quickly preview how your paintings might look as you try different ideas along the way. If you are an accomplished traditional painter with oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, or whatever, you’ll immediately benefit from digital painting.

     Experimenting with a shape or color passage that takes hours with traditional media can happen in a flash digitally. This instant gratification allows lots of trial and error without investing lots of time. So when you wonder, “What if I changed this or that?” just click or swipe, and there’s your answer! Best part? You can quickly revert to previous work!

     This video offers you great insight into howpowerful digital tools will make it super easy and fast to experiment with every element in your painting. You will find inspiration in the world of painting digital landscapes that stage color, design, and perspective in perfect harmony. It’s an amazing experience you’ll want to have. And the results in your next landscape will astonish all who see your newfound digital skills! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from one of today’s hottest artists!


    Mike’s materials list:

    • Computer
    • Adobe Photoshop CC or similar image-manipulation program
    • Digital tools: brush, eraser, line
    • Wacom pen and pad or Cintiq