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Kami Mendlik: COLOR RELATIVITY - Creating the Illusion of Light with Paint Hardcover Book


Kami has become one of today’s most sought-after painting instructors; her unique strategy creates the illusion of light and form through color relativity with a simple limited palette. Her emphasis on teaching the properties of color and how they relate to one another in an approachable, understandable way has been a game changer for both new and experienced painters.

Learn to paint anything you desire—with no limits—by understanding and seeing color relativity.

Do your colors often turn out muddy, chalky, or flat? Do they look great on your mixing palette but dull on canvas? Have you ever felt terrified to scrape away a color because you weren’t confident you could mix it again?

You’re not alone. Achieving rich, luminous colors that dance against each other is the stuff of painters’ dreams, but it’s not easy without a process. We see the color in our mind, but how we do mix and apply it in harmony with the rest of the painting?

The answer is color relativity. By realizing that a color only appears a certain way because of the color next to it, you unlock a whole new world. No color stands alone, whether in real life or on canvas.

In this book, master painter Kami Mendlik distills color relativity into a simple, yet transformative, step-by-step strategy that will imbue your paintings with radiant light and atmosphere.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the primary palette to create stronger color harmony
  • Simplify shapes into color averages to create dynamic color relationships
  • Avoid common color dilemmas
  • Identify and use the properties of color to create the illusion of light
  • Mix primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in a systematic, intentional way

Say goodbye to fear, confusion, and frustration when it comes to color. By applying Kami’s unique strategy for both seeing and mixing any color, you’ll soon be able to paint color relativity with confidence and bring your paintings to life.

"Color’s exciting. Color gets all the attention. But it’s complex and every time you put one color beside another, it shifts. It works in relationship. "Color Relativity: Creating The Illusion Of Light With Paint" offers you a path to understanding color. A comprehensive guide to master color and enhance your painting." — Ian Roberts, author of "Mastering Composition".

Product Details:
Size - 11”x11”
Cover - Hardcover, linen wrapped, gold foil, dust jacket
Page count - Approximately 200 pages
Full color images- 170 color images
First Edition - Limited signed copies

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