Jim Wilcox

Jim Wilcox: Artist's Book of Excuses Softcover Book


If you have ever taught an art class, then you know how students offer every explanation possible for their less-than-perfect painting efforts. If you've been a student, then you have expressed one or more of the same sentiments. I know I certainly have. This book is a hilarious look at the complex relationship of the artist wrestling with his own struggles to learn to paint.

Jim and Narda Wilcox have written down a collection of the most common excuses offered up by painters, and John Potter created delightful cartoons to illustrate each situation. This book is the perfect gift for the artist, on the lighter side, and you should buy it for yourself just for the laughs it will give you. I highly recommend it for putting a smile on your face!
Review by Johnnie Liliedahl


Excerpt from the book:

"For years we have jokingly talked of doing a book about the many excuses artists come up with to explain the shortcomings in their work......We hope you enjoy seeing yourself and friends in many of these excuses. If not, enjoy the fun intended. The excuses.....are accompanied by a short explanation by Jim from the Instructor's point of view on how to avoid or best survive each situation. Between laughs, tidbits of wisdom should help artists remember key elements of how to enjoy the wonderful, but often frustrating, foray into the world of art."
Narda and Jim Wilcox