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Bill Davidson: Unlock the Magic of Landscape Painting - Bill Davidson En Plein Air


Video Length: 3 Hours 23 Minutes
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Join Bill Davidson on Location as He Reveals His Proven System for Painting!

Bill Davidson, one of the best artists today, will show you his unique method called the “Super Simple System.”

Bill Davidson uses the best teaching methods to instill the right mental states in students, all while capturing the raw beauty of the Adirondacks landscape.

Imagine standing beside a silvery river, surrounded by lush forests and majestic mountains, as Bill unveils the exact system that won him multiple awards and has been giving students incredible results.

This revolutionary approach promotes BETTER painting and FASTER learning, and helps you retain more of what you’ve learned — a potent combination that comes alive in the inspiring outdoor setting!


You’ll find this system perfect for you if:

      You struggle to stay focused and do things in the right logical order…

      You tend to get lost in the process and feel like the painting is controlling your decisions…

      You find it hard to think of one thing at a time and get overwhelmed with big paintings…

      You’re looking for a simple way to juggle the right color, color value, temperature, and intensity of color…

      You want an easy-to-follow system that actually helps you learn FASTER and build confidence in your own skills!

      You want to build CONSISTENCY in your approach!


This system was created out of necessity for students mastering the craft.

Bill wanted to make sure this system will:

      Simplify the big picture for students, no matter how complicated the scene…

      Assist students to isolate and focus on one thing at a time…

      Make it easier for students to get the right color value every time…

      Solve various color/value issues while preventing garish and discordant non-harmonious colors…

      Help students create depth more easily by making one simple adjustment…

      Guide students to isolate shapes, values, and designs to accelerate learning


No matter your level of experience, Bill has insights that could rapidly boost your skills.

In fact, we guarantee you’ll be a much better artist than you are today just by listening to his advice and tips!

This is one video you won’t want to miss!


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside Unlock the Magic of Landscape Painting: Bill Davidson En Plein Air:

      Bill’s proven teaching approach based on advanced neuroscience that doubles your learning speed (you’ll also retain what you’ve learned more easily!)...

      Bill’s recommended way of setting up to paint outdoors…

      How to easily lay out a beautiful, harmonious design using Bill’s unique “gray first” approach…

      What makes a good plein air painting location (and how to get around a not-so-ideal one and still find success!)…

      Bill’s specially designed “Super Simple System” that helps students master values (and color!) quickly…

      How to identify bad shapes and issues with values before adding color…

      How to adapt to unforeseen weather changes when painting on location…

      How to identify a focal area, and how to create a path to it…

      Embrace Bill’s “Magic of Thinking Big” philosophy to guide your painting and increase your chances of success…

      How to easily mix puddle values to solve the issue of getting a color in the right value…

      How to use the puddles of values to create natural color harmonies …

      The secret to creating the right depth that will glue viewers to your work…

      How to paint rocks that are underwater and above ground, and how to make them up and make a pile of rocks look interesting…

      How to use countering angles for dynamic design…

      How to stay with the natural color harmonies of the day…

      How to redesign the scene for a better painting…

      How to paint receding mountain levels to create depth…

      How to keep paying attention to the big things…

      How to paint a moving stream with a small waterfall…

      PLUS: How to stay true to the mood (important lesson!)...

      …and various other insights that will improve your artistry fast!


Meet Your New Instructor, Bill Davidson!

Bill is an award-winning artist. 

His work is in several prestigious galleries. He has presented twice on the main stage at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE).

Bill has achieved massive success in a short time, considering his first career was in law!

Only after retiring did he start his art career. Bill was able to start at zero and win a stack of awards and create a huge following.


Some of his notable wins include:

      The Teton Conservancy Award, 2016

      The Teton Purchase Award, 2015

      Winner, Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art, 2011, 2012, and 2013

      International Masters of Fine Art, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, 2013

      Best Landscape Award in Southwest Art MagazineSalon International Show, 2011

      Won Plein Air Rockies 2012 Poster Award and Directors Gold Medal


His incredible success is largely based on his “Super Simple System,” which you’ll discover inside this video.

You can bet your paintings will improve greatly, as many of his students will attest.

Bill has been teaching for 15 years, and is a big believer in using the powers of science to help students learn better and faster, and also retain what they’ve learned.


“As a former trial lawyer, I have been trained to take complicated matters, break them down, organize the information, simplify it, and communicate the simplest methods for understanding anything clearly, using science-based teaching techniques, positive reinforcement, and a touch of humor.” 

Bill Davidson


Come and experience Bill Davidson’s teachings inside this brand new video.

In just one sitting, you’re going to discover how to create successful paintings that get noticed.

Furthermore, if you live far away from Bill and can’t attend his workshops, this video is the next best thing to having him as your “personal, in-house” instructor… 

And if you can’t travel to paint outdoors, this video is the next best thing — packed full of gorgeous cinematography that shows Bill’s scene in action. It’s like you are right there by the water’s edge painting alongside him. You can almost feel the raindrops when they start to fall! Come paint with Bill today!



Your Lesson Plan!


Get excited! Watch as Bill Davidson introduces a silvery river landscape on an overcast day in the Adirondacks — the scene you’ll be painting. Bill will guide you through the essential elements of a compelling scene, emphasizing the importance of contrast, transitions, value patterns, and shapes.



Discover the tools of the trade as Bill reviews his limited palette and recommends a complete plein air painting setup. Understanding the right tools and their uses will streamline your painting process and enhance your ability to capture the essence of any landscape.


Setting the Scene:

Learn the crucial skill of location scouting and understand why Bill chose this particular scene for its rich learning opportunities. From painting various tree types to capturing mountains, sky, and water in different states, this chapter covers a wide range of subjects. Discover why plein air painting improves studio work and how to use contrast and transitions to create engaging compositions. Bill’s insights on using a 3-value system will simplify your approach and help you create more impactful paintings.


Monochromatic Lay-In:

Master the art of simplification with Bill’s 3-value gray system for laying in compositions. This chapter teaches you to interconnect shapes and values effectively, create pleasing compositions, and identify the most critical areas of your painting. By learning to break down complex scenes into manageable parts, you’ll be able to tackle any landscape with confidence and create more cohesive, visually appealing works.


Adding Colors:

This chapter will reveal Bill’s secret to color mixing and application. You’ll learn how to use gray value mixes as a shortcut to perfect color, create vibrant color harmonies, and achieve depth through value control. Bill shares invaluable tips on avoiding common pitfalls, such as “saggy” mountains and overbearing greens. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be able to create landscapes with authentic feel and captivating color relationships that truly bring your scenes to life.


Develop the Painting:

Here Bill guides you through the crucial development stage. Learn how to make critical adjustments, reestablish values and shapes, and create a sense of depth through color intensity. This chapter covers a wide range of specific techniques, from painting convincing rocks and reflections to composing clouds and separating elements effectively. These skills will elevate your paintings from good to great, allowing you to create truly immersive landscape scenes.


Finishing Touches:

In this final chapter, Bill demonstrates how to add those all-important finishing touches that can make or break a painting. Learn to assess your work with fresh eyes and make subtle yet impactful adjustments that will bring your entire composition together. These final techniques will help you polish your paintings to professional quality, ensuring that each work you create is a true reflection of your artistic vision and skill.


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