Susan Harrison-Tustain - Watercolor Workshops -

Susan Harrison-Tustain: Watercolor Workshops

Video Length: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes

Dear Friends, If you are an oil painter secretly harboring interest in watercolor, then we have found the watercolor painter for you. New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain has produced two DVD programs that are absolutely wonderful for the beginning, intermediate and advanced watercolorists. Although her work appears deceptively difficult, she approaches it in such a way as to make it totally understandable for the rank beginner, building layer upon layer of beautiful color washes to create these in-depth works.


Join this internationally acclaimed watercolor artist as she applies her "naturalistic realism" techniques to portrait painting. Look over her shoulder and follow step by step--all the way from stretching paper through to fine-tuning. 

This 2-disc DVD set is a compilation of Susan Harrison-Tustain's 2 best-selling videos: "Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor" and "One-on-One Watercolor Breakthroughs." It also includes an exquisite new gallery and slideshow featuring Susan's latest work. PLUS a bonus 33 minutes tutorial demonstrating the essence of Susan's unique "naturalistic realism" style of watercolor painting. If you've ever wanted to see how beautiful, realistic florals in watercolor are created, this is the video for you.