Sterling Edwards

Sterling Edwards: Luminous Watercolor: Forest Waterfall

Video Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
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In this watercolor painting video Sterling Edwards takes you step by step through many top watercolor painting techniques for how to paint water, trees and more. 


Learn how to paint a waterfall scene from start to finish with these great tips and easy-to-follow instruction. Great for beginners or more experienced watercolor artists, Sterling's instruction makes creating the same effects on your own canvas seem easy and natural.

This watercolor painting demonstration features a lush waterfall scene, and covers how to create the feeling of cascading water, waves, splashes, rocks and more. Techniques featured in this watercolor painting video also include using loose shapes, color mixing, negative painting, and how to create strong light and dark values.


You'll Love This Watercolor Painting Video If:

  • You love learning new watercolor painting techniques from expert watercolor artist, Sterling Edwards
  • You love painting with watercolor but want to improve your brushwork
  • You want to learn new watercolor & brushwork tips in the comfort of your own home with this convenient video

In Luminous Watercolor with Sterling Edwards: Forest Waterfall You'll Learn:

  • How to paint water that is realistic step by step
  • Tips & techniques for mixing watercolors and composing a waterfall scene
  • How to paint negative shapes and how to paint light and dark values


Customer Reviews

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Dianna Halevy-Holub

Sterling Edwards: Luminous Watercolor: Forest Waterfall

Pat Ryll
Power Points!

With Sterling Edwards assigning the name to points of interest as "power points", he makes this hard to forget. Clearly the sign of a great teacher! Lightest lights and darkest darks - power points!