Plein Air Painters of America Bundle Sale



Randall Sexton: Brushstrokes with Energy and Movement

Discover Randall Sexton's step-by-step process and master the techniques that will give your paintings that energetic feel. Sexton is not only a master painter, he's an outstanding teacher. This video will introduce you to new and important principles of painting. You'll grow as a painter and master techniques that have taken Randall Sexton a lifetime to learn.


John Cosby: Painting Plein Air Impressionism

John Cosby is known internationally for finding captivating subjects in everyday locations that others might overlook. His keen eye for composition brings his scenes to life, and his use of bold color and energetic brushstrokes have made him one of the most sought-after painters by collectors around the world. In this video you'll learn John's step-by-step techniques for capturing the essence of the environments he depicts.


Jean Perry: Painting Dramatic Seascapes

Distant crashing waves, fog, mist, the smell of salt air, and the sound of seagulls. You can feel it all, looking at a Jean Perry painting. Now you can watch this master painter create a seascape step by step, seeing how she creates the mood, the distance, and the feel of motion. You'll learn how she makes paintings come alive.


Ken Auster: Mastering Street Scenes

Painting architecture, buildings, and street scenes requires skills that Ken Auster has mastered. In this DVD, this leading artist will show you step by step how he creates distance in the scene, how he creates a special focal point and draws the eye to key spots on the painting, and how he masters light.


Don Demers: Mastering a Nautical Scene

No one paints boats, harbors, and the sea like master marine painter Don Demers. We take you to a working lobster dock in Maine to watch him paint a landscape featuring water, boats, trees, and a mountain background. You'll learn Don's step-by-step technique for painting marine subjects, and how he captures the genuine feel of the scene.


Brian Stewart: Capturing Architecture in Plein Air

Brian Stewart represents the quintessential plein air painter, with a profound love for working in his subject's natural setting, and for the special challenges that brings. Learn how Brian approaches an architectural subject, in this case bringing out the uniqueness of a dockside tackle shop. You'll gain an understanding of rendering structures, a skill many good painters find elusive, then how to finish with the touches that make a subject compelling.


Gerald J. Fritzler: Painting Seascapes in Watercolor

In this video, master artist Gerald J. Fritzler uses his relaxed teaching style to demonstrate a full, start-to-finish watercolor painting of the beautiful California coast at Rocky Point. He'll show you how to quickly sketch the shapes and forms of the landscape, keeping it very simple. Gerald shares his techniques for expertly handling the motion of the water, the rapidly changing light, and the drifting fog, so you'll never be hesitant to paint at the water's edge again. He'll let you in on his exact color palette so you can get the various blues of the water just right.


Lynn Gertenbach: The One Hour Plein Air Landscape

Master painter Lynn Gertenbach, renowned member of the premier group the Plein-Air Painters of America, is revealing her decades of experience, showing you how to create a stunning landscape in just one hour.

For those of you who love to paint but find your time constrained by your life, job, or family commitments — for those who have to take stolen moments to get outside to paint — this video will be invaluable. Lynn has developed a simple system for developing a painting that not only makes your process easier, it makes your paintings more pleasing due to the methods of composition she'll show you.


Andy Evansen: Secrets of Painting Watercolor Outdoors

Master watercolorist Andy Evansen shares his decades of experience and the secrets to creating a great watercolor painting. This video shows you the steps for a winning composition, how to nail the values every time, how to avoid watercolor problems, and how to blend shapes for a more pleasing painting. You'll learn to lead the viewer's eye, use darks to design a scene, create believable reflections, paint skies effectively, and make use of spontaneous brushstrokes, as well as discover how to build a color palette ... and much more.


West Fraser: Creating the Color of Light

Now you can learn the step-by-step techniques of West Fraser in his first DVD. You'll learn his process for selecting his subject, how to create a composition study, how to start a painting and the colors you'll need, plus the process of taking the painting to a finished masterpiece.

West Fraser is renowned for his plein air and studio paintings, found in private collections and museums across America. His work excels through composition and its fine juxtapositions of value and color. Join West in seaside Maine as he paints a lobster boat moored to a local dock. See West start with a pencil composition, then block in key color masses and go on to final detail work as the painting comes to life.