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Eric Rhoads: Make More Money Selling Your Art Book [Digital]


Are you unnoticed?

It’s the fate of many talented artists. Some say a lack of exposure is the sole culprit. And yes, that is the number one reason many high-quality artists often go unnoticed. But getting the right exposure, leaving the right impression, and making your content more memorable and worthy of being shared can be a bit more complex than a simple attempt to gain more exposure.

Other artists are under the mistaken belief that just honing their artistic skills alone will skyrocket their art career. While having high-quality art is very important, artistic skills alone do not ensure financial or business success.

The unfortunate truth is that most artists’ best artwork goes unseen by the very people who can change an artist’s career. Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon.

Van Gogh is probably the best-known case of a starving artist; he sold just two of his approximately 2,000 works during his lifetime. Recently one of Van Gogh's paintings sold for $82.5 million. I think we would all prefer such fame and fortune to come to us while we are living. Certainly Van Gogh could have lived a much different life with some basic marketing skills.

Learning the essential elements of marketing is crucial for artists. The elements are ethical, and they result in an artist’s having greater control over their public image and their relationship with clients.

The good news is that honing your marketing skills doesn’t have to be difficult. It involves looking at things differently and uncovering creative opportunities to better reach your target audience of potential collectors.

No true artist should struggle to be discovered, heard, appreciated, and compensated. That’s the core message of my new book, Make More Money Selling Your Art: Proven Techniques for Turning Your Passion Into Profit. In my book, I share my experiences as an entrepreneur, marketer, and artist. I break down classical, proven marketing techniques and explain how these techniques can be practically applied by artists.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • The value of setting goals and creating routines.
  • Why marketing isn’t evil and why every artist should embrace it. 
  • The “preeminence mindset” and how it will impact your art career. 
  • Why artists and works of art need a narrative. 
  • How to convey the emotional value of your art. 
  • How to pick a gallery, and why galleries in this type of location sell more. 
  • How to select print ad sizes and publications. 
  • Who you should be sending direct mail to and how often.
  • Topics you should cover on your website and in social media. 
  • The one thing you may be doing that you should NEVER do in social media.
  • How to develop your brand as an artist.
  • Techniques used by professional marketers to get more exposure for less money. 
  • How to make the most of a fine art fair.
  • The 7 things you should do to establish your position as an expert.

Many of our Plein Air Convention & Expo attendees picked up a pre-release copy of the book at PACE, and since then we’ve heard great things from the people who bought the book.

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Good news has really traveled quickly! With no mass promotion on our part, and after being available on Amazon for just a few hours, Make More Money Selling Your Art became an Amazon number one bestseller in two categories. Now it’s available as both a hardcover and as an e-book, and it is in very high demand.

Unleash your art career and get your copy today!


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I have not received this item as of 11/2/23!!!

Art Marketing

Eric, Thank you! You gave me great insight in several of your blogs! Well worth the read. I am on my way to receiving more exposure! Thus sales gave been boosted!!