CW Mundy

C.W. Mundy: Painting with Freedom

Video Length: 4 Hours 25 Minutes

Introducing Painting with Freedom. 

This is the inspiration you need if you want to shut down your internal self-talk and just paint. Without stress. Without anxiety. Without a voice of criticism coming from inside your own head. When that voice is quiet, you can finally paint free.

C.W. Mundy finally shares his breakthrough upside down painting method which is proven to trick your brain and silence your inner critic. 

This silencing happens within seconds. Then, you can focus on shapes, values, colors and edges. Plus, with C.W. as your guide, you get the benefit of his experience and insider secrets.

You will see C.W. take you step by step through his entire process, demonstrating how he approaches composition, value choices, brushwork and more.  Plus, C.W. will share his tips and tricks for overcoming common painting challenges such as creating realistic skies, painting water, painting rocks, and adding depth and dimension to your paintings.


Here are just some of the gems you’ll get in this demonstration:

  • How to paint shapes and not “things”
  • How to see reality in a new way
  • Why painting what you love matters
  • Why creating is better than copying
  • The secret to discovering deep joy in painting
  • How to put the pieces of your painting together
  • The power of mind-breaking abstract paintings
  • How the subject can guide your brushwork, not your brain
  • How to paint water without seeing it
  • A new way to see shapes
  • A clear way to see values in a new way


In this video:

  • C.W. invites us into his home studio
  • He paints BIG! 40x30 inches
  • When you paint along, you’ll be shocked at the final art you create
  • C.W. shares exactly what paints he uses
  • The brushes he uses may be a surprise
  • He shares his method to “marbleize” the paint for an incredible effect
  • A high-speed view of the demonstration set to music
  • An exhibit of C.W. Mundy’s works set to music 
  • A very special bonus fireside chat with C.W. Mundy
  • PLUS, watch the waves crash on Bass Rocks, the inspiration behind this painting, as you view bonus inspirational footage filmed on location by C.W.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Wonderful Teacher

It's amazing to see a Master at work!! I love to see what he can do in each stage of the painting! What a true Master!!! Loved the Instructional video

charlotte tarantola
C.W. Mundy: Painting with Freedom

I chose to buy this video because I love C.W. Mundy's work. Loved the extra videos, a nice surprise! I would've enjoyed a little more prep help information, b...

David Stalker
Breaking Mental Boundries

Painting requires a lot of mental work as well as physical effort. Our mental tool kit should grow as our physical skills expand. C. W's head work and brush work give one pause to consider that the information we are being given comes from a master painter. Just look at his paintings! Only right living, diligence and hard work bring these results. Thank you C. W, for sharing.

Dawn Chevoya
Learn from the Best

My takeaway from this well-made lesson is how much fun the upside-down method is, and I can't wait to give it a try on some difficult subjects that I've been procrastinating on.

Carol Bell
Painting upside down

As always CW delivers his instruction with down to earth humor making it not only interesting but fun. I'm looking forward to putting painting upside down on canvas and see what my results are.