Jane Davies

Jane Davies: Scribble Collage with Hand-Painted Paper

Video Length: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
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Join Jane Davies as she shares her favorite texture making techniques and materials.

You'll learn over a dozen ways to make beautiful paper that will be uniquely your own. She shows you how a simple knowledge of design and color can help you expand your collection of collage papers with design enhancing papers. She focuses on color schemes, value contrast, color contrasts, scale and mood.

In this workshop you see Jane's high energy approach to glazing, textures, spritzing & blotting, painting, spattering, non-traditional uses of the brayer, mono-printing, uses of the gel plate, resists, alcohol, sumi-e ink, altered paper, staining and layering.

Jane then tackles composition in collage. She demonstrates using a grid study. She then moves on to a landscape style composition. You hear her describe the rationale of her choices. Seeing her work is fun, enlightening and freeing!


Customer Reviews

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Pauline Rakis
Scribble Collage w/Hand-Painted Paper /Jane Davies

This video was what iI expected from Jane Davies whose work I admire and enjoy. This is my second video purchased that is from Jane.
I am familiar with collage work and hand painted papers. That being said, I have to admit that Jane showed a few techniques that I had
not encountered previously. My goal is to always learn something that I cause in my work. One small thing that I am unsure of from the video is
what type of paper does she used as a subsrrare for her collages. I may have just missed it......will review the video again.

Linda Austin
Informative and Entertaining

As with most of the mixed media videos, this is another fun video to watch and learn from. Jane Davies' expressive use of paint and paper was enjoyable to watch as well as being a great way to learn how to use different techniques while doing your mixed media projects. I loved her enthusiastic use of scraping and am now using it quite a bit in some of my work. All in all, I found this video very informative.

Sandy Aronson
collage has taken a new turn with this DVD

I loved the variety of techniques and ways to use them that this instructor provides. It'c clear and concise and fun.


Jane is an excellent instructor, I was inspired to create and had the information I needed to go for it. Plus, I can watch her again anytime! Thank you!

Fun Collage Ideas

Jane Davies does an excellent job of describing exactly what she's doing in her process of paper making for collage. Always interesting and informative.