Zhaoming Wu

Zhaoming Wu: Cours De Dessin Softcover Book


 Zhaoming Wu is an accomplished painter and draftsman with masterful capabilities. The charcoal drawings of Zhaoming Wu contain air, light, character and style. He draws with fluency and superb understanding of light and the human form.

The more important point to make here is that at the center is a respect for high purpose in art and for those choices in life which support the understanding, the production, and the teaching of painting and drawing.

The drawings of Zhaoming Wu reveal amazing precision and self-control as well as lightness and certainty of touch. In his works all things seem to resemble each other and look as though they were made of the same substance created by the unifying power of a consummate artist.
-Mark S. Tennant, Director for Graduate School of Fine Art, Academy of Art University.


Zhaoming Wu was born in China and grew up in Guangzhou City. He received his BFA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and later earned his MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Since 1983, he has been exhibiting his work in Asia, Europe, The United States and other countries around the world. 

Long active as both an artist and a teacher, he served as a professor of painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and is currently an instructor of painting at the Academy of Art University.

NOTE: This book contains approx. six (6) demos that show the development of the final drawing from the original photo to the final drawing and is very instructive in this regard.