Susan Blackwood

Susan Blackwood/Clouds & Sky Combo


Video Length: 7 Hours 15 Minutes
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Systems Create Quality and Consistency

Many great journeys begin with a map of where you’re going. That’s exactly how artist Susan Blackwood paints and teaches. Here, she demonstrates her MAPS (Making Artistic PlanS) system that will help you see immediate improvement in your art.

Finding that her most successful paintings have followed MAPS, Susan began teaching the method to her students. You’ll see Susan apply MAPS from beginning to end so you can clearly see the ease and relevance.

Having MAPS gives you a solid path to follow. You’ll be less frustrated, relaxed, and able to produce higher quality art. You’ll even experience your own personal style emerging because of the choices you make during the MAPS process. 

Susan demonstrates a beautiful watercolor painting and reassures all viewers that MAPS is applicable to every medium, every type of art (even sculpture), and is effective for every level of artist. 

As Susan teaches and keeps up a pleasant conversation, you’ll hear her every thought and how that relates to what she’s doing. She even shares her mistakes and how she fixes them. 

Once you begin using MAPS, you’ll subconsciously apply these techniques to everything you create. Soon, you’ll look at award-winning paintings by other artists and see exactly what made them stand out from the others.

And now we’re joining this informative video course with another popular hit at one great low price…


Critical Components: Clouds & Sky

 This compilation video features 14 of today’s most talented artists demonstrating their best methods and techniques for capturing the elusive subjects of clouds and skies. From these multiple lessons, you’ll experience:

  • How to paint a sky that serves as a backdrop for your painting
  • Why a properly painted sky is more than just blue paint
  • The difference between morning, midday, and evening skies
  • How top artists paint puffy clouds
  • Why the sky is the best painting element to change the mood of your paintings
  • Watercolor painting
  • Oil painting
  • Glazing
  • Scumbling
  • Composing a painting
  • Color mixing
  • Edges and values
  • And so much more!

Crisp, bright blue, and clear. Moody, heavy, and dark. Bright, warm, and peaceful. The clouds and the sky have endless facets. They’re fascinating and continue to be popular painting subjects. 

If you are painting landscapes, the clouds and sky can really set the mood of your painting (or break the mood if done poorly). 

Clouds and sky are so important in most any landscape painting — often the subject of the painting itself — it can take years to master them.

Or at least, that’s what it was like until now

We have created a video compilation featuring 14 of today’s best artists instructing and demonstrating their methods and techniques for creating exceptional clouds and a stunning sky.

This course is perfect for landscape painters,skyscape painters,watercolor painters, and oil painters at any skill level.