Shirley Trevena

Shirley Trevena: Taking Risks With Watercolour

Video Length: 1 Hour

If you've been looking for a way to become more confident in your watercolor painting process and looser in your approach, the watercolor lessons in this art instruction video are perfect for you.

Join Shirley Trevena and learn to embrace the risk-taking watercolor techniques that make her pieces so enjoyable. Shirley's painting techniques include intense colors, strong design and a no-rules approach to composition. Useful to beginner and intermediate students, this art instruction video offers rare insights into how to paint visually stunning watercolor florals.

Shirley reveals her step-by-step techniques for taking a painting from an initial concept through the final brush stroke. Learn to push beyond the fear in your own art with Shirley Trevena's Taking Risks in Watercolor.


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