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Ryan Fox Combo Set


Video Length: 4 Hours 20 Minutes
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This Combo Set includes 2 Ryan Fox Watercolor Videos

Innovative Watercolor Techniques

Discover a process that allows you to work quickly and spontaneously. In Innovative Watercolor Techniques with Ryan Fox, you’ll spend more time creating lively layers and less time worrying about careful line work or moisture control.

You’ll work light to dark and then protect your values with wax — a process that is incredibly forgiving. Discover how to think more in shapes and less in individual items like trees, buildings, and animals. Use negative painting to add important contrast, and let your pigments mingle on your paper to create beautiful and spontaneous-looking colors with each pass. Ryan works through two complete batik demos including an urban landscape and a giraffe.


Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete two start-to-finish watercolor paintings
  • Learn watercolor batik on Japanese rice paper
  • Explore seeing and understanding value
  • Uncover unique ways to mix paint (like blending on paper)
  • How to add unique texture to your watercolors on a non-traditional surface
  • How to work strategically from light to dark
  • How to paint negative paint around values protected by wax


Innovative Watercolor Portraits

Study with Ryan Fox and see for yourself!

  • Branch out with these non-traditional methods and techniques
  • Create vibrant layers by letting color mix on paper instead of your palette!
  • Yes, that limited palette will help you achieve unity!
  • Use this old-time photography trick when you touch up!
  • This is not a free-for-all … all design principles apply!
  • Build your knowledge of how water and paint interact … this will help you see growth as an artist!
  • When it’s time to finally bring out a paint brush!
  • Protect your paper and your colors with this masking fluid — a great tool that may be new to you
  • A cool tool to help you remove unwanted color (you need this!)
  • Planning brings power — see how to plan your next great painting!
  • Make opaque and transparent layers with any color — you’ve got to see how this is done!
  • Want to easily move and mix colors? You already have what you need to do it right!
  • Discover how to protect the white you want to leave in your paper
  • Create powerful artistic compositions that will help get your work noticed!
  • Get special blends of color that aren’t achievable with a brush — Ryan shows you how!
  • Make any color transparent or opaque — regardless of color property!
  • Achieve luminous, beautiful, and non-muddy color — brilliant!
  • And so much more!

    Imagine this … beautiful watercolor paint flowing exactly where you want it — letting gravity do most of the work for you!

    No brushes for now, and no mixing paint ahead of time. You’ll be creating your colors right on the painting surface.

    You’ll experience moments of chaos and discover how a few unpredictable results make the pouring process enjoyable.

    As you build layer upon layer, brilliant color begins to emerge and you’ll feel as though you’re on the way to making something grand.

    The non-traditional methods Ryan will teach you in Innovative Watercolor Portraits are relevant to any subject matter and will broaden your knowledge of layers and color interaction. This is perfect for artists who want to think, and paint, outside the box, yet continue to showcase solid design principles.

    To help you take your watercolor paintings even further, Ryan shows you how to use a limited palette so you’ll be creating unity.

    Something New…

    As Ryan expertly demonstrates how to use various materials used in pouring, you may find some of them are new to you.

    One of those materials may be masking fluid. If you have used this in the past, Ryan will help you become more efficient with it so you’re getting the look you want.

    And Something Repurposed...

    He’ll also show you how to repurpose several common household items to enhance your watercolor work — you’ll be surprised at what you already have on hand as you embark on your next watercolor pouring project.

    No More Mud!

    If you’ve struggled with muddy colors and low contrast in your paintings, you’re going to see how carefully planned pouring techniques will help use color as a value and let gravity work in your favor to create gorgeous shades that are not achievable by brush.

    As you progress, you’ll be eager to try new and different techniques that will bring even more striking blends of colors as well as help you define your unique style and signature look. 

    This is the magic indirect painting can bring to your work!

    Chapter Overview

    • Introduction
    • Art Supplies--
    • Overview of Process--from light to dark
    • Color as Value--mixing up your colors
    • Compose Your Subject--transfer the image
    • First Layer of Mask--preserving your whites
    • First Pour
    • Second Layer of Mask
    • Second Pour
    • Third Stage: Mask & Pour
    • Fourth Stage: Mask & Pour
    • Fifth Stage: Mask & Pour
    • Pour on Darker Value
    • Remove the Mask
    • Touch-Ups