Putnam, Sexton, Santillanes and Hudson Landscape Bundle


Video Length: 16 Hours 26 Minutes
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Lori Putnam: Bold Brush Strokes and Confident Color

Experience Lori’s friendly teaching style as she presents a complete, step-by-step guide to her process for creating paintings. You’ll see it all … from the original design of the composition to the process of completion.

Study with Lori and soon, you’ll be painting with bold brush strokes and experiencing more confidence in using strong color in your own artwork.

This course is for all levels of painters and Lori includes her oil color palette for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists.


Video includes:

  • Exhibit of works
  • Step-by-step painting demonstration
  • Interview with the artist conducted by Eric Rhoads



Randall Sexton: Brushstrokes with Energy and Movement

Discover Randall Sexton's step-by-step process and master the techniques that will give your paintings that energetic feel. Sexton is not only a master painter, he's an outstanding teacher. This video will introduce you to new and important principles of painting. You'll grow as a painter and master techniques that have taken Randall Sexton a lifetime to learn.


This cinematic video production includes:

  • How to use your brush as a tool and create spectacular brushwork...
  • How to soften edges and use edges to draw the eye...
  • How to soften edges and use edges to draw the eye...
  • How to design the composition of a painting...
  • How to create variety in your paintings to keep them interesting...
  • Using big shapes to unify your painting...
  • Painting the light and making it feel vibrant...
  • How to mass in your painting and create unity within the mass...
  • How to give your painting nuance and texture...
  • Techniques for pushing and pulling paint to establish depth...
  • How to simplify the painting of a complex subject...
  • Techniques for placing in the small, important details...
  • How to "sculpt" a painting...
  • How and where to simplify parts of your painting...
  • How to express your personality in your painting...
  • How to create energy and movement in brushstrokes...
  • How to create atmospheric perspective and a believable sense of distance...
  • Proven techniques to manipulate paint without brushes...


Dave Santillanes: Painting Landscapes

Study with artist Dave Santillanes and you’ll quickly see why he believes plein air paintings are even better than keeping a diary!

Dave exposes a fresh approach to landscape painting by deconstructing a scene in order to analyze the atmospheric structure before ever beginning to paint! He’ll show you how to use this newfound information on each atmospheric plane of your painting. 

By using the techniques Dave has mastered, you’ll begin to see how color relationships — chroma and value — play into your work. You’ll also discover how to use gray to enhance your paintings … a counterintuitive method.

Dave shows you how to paint faster without compromising quality as he demonstrates how to achieve atmospheric depth, explains the use of greens, and shows how advancing your skills in painting rocks is necessary in landscape painting.

As you watch and learn, you’ll be building skills in shadow shaping, atmospheric depth, adding meaningful detail, conducting pigment analysis, and avoiding common pitfalls that many artists encounter.

This course is designed for all skill levels, and you’re going to have many aha moments as Dave adjusts his reference image to isolate specific shadows and shapes as they become obviously warmer and darker. These four simple gradations of shadows will become the structure for the entire painting.

Dave explains the goal of each phase and then takes you step-by-step through a full painting demonstration. 

What you will learn:

  • Determine distance when creating atmosphere
  • Master color relationships (chroma and value)
  • Why creating BAD paintings is good!
  • The one painting approach Dave wishes he’d learned when he first started that would have saved him years of experimentation
  • How to capture the "feel of air"
  • Dave's prize-winning secrets for painting atmospheric landscapes
  • Techniques to paint the landscape faster
  • Use this ONE thing to bring brilliance into your work
  • Dave's unique approach to mastering greens, and what he does that most artists wouldn’t even think of!
  • A simple technique for painting rocks
  • Sculpt the shadow into an object
  • Need to set the tone of the painting? Do THIS!
  • What you MUST do to create believable depth
  • Valuable tools to help you analyze a scene (Don’t skip this part of the video!)
  • Avoid common pitfalls (and even some uncommon ones!)


    Kathleen Hudson: Creating Dramatic Atmosphere in Landscapes

    Would you like to learn how to paint incredible landscape scenes like a professional ... in a fraction of the time it normally takes?

    If your answer is yes, Landscape Painting with Kathleen Hudson was made for you!


    If you want to:

    • Take your landscape painting skills to the next level...
    • Break through your own personal artistic boundaries...
    • Enjoy a complete painting tutorial that you can return to over and over again...
    • Get 24/7 access to world-class training from the comfort of your own home...

    ... then Landscape Painting with Kathleen Hudson is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for you.

    With Kathleen's landscape painting course you'll receive almost seven hours of world-class instruction, secret tricks for maximizing your painting efficiency, and the confidence of having your own professional landscape painting instructor to go back to again and again.


    With this exclusive video training, you will discover:

    • The "hidden key" to capturing the most dramatic atmospheric effects and how to use colors to affect atmospheric distance
    • How to create "eye candy" to make the painting interesting far beyond the first look
    • Which solvent is not only odorless, it won't leave you with headaches and is the safest for studio use
    • What critical elements to watch out for when you're painting from photographs so your creation best matches reality
    • The secret to taking a fresh look at your work without ever having to walk away from it
    • How Kathleen uses the color-temperature shifts in shadows to make them far more interesting for the viewer