Julie Gilbert Pollard

Julie Gilbert Pollard: Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers


Video Length: 1 Hour 41 Minutes
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Preview Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers with Julie Gilbert Pollard now to explore the subject with a warm-up color study, learn how to create colorful whites, follow steps to paint a rich background, and use your brush in new ways for lifting and laying in color.

Learn the secrets for painting light airy washes to capture delicate and translucent petals while creating full depth and movement using rich color in the shadows and backgrounds. Fine tune your painting skills with watercolor techniques including lessons on color, brushwork, values, edge control, wet-into-wet painting, negative painting, glazing, shape making and more. Apply these techniques to step-by-step instructions for creating white roses, shiny leaves, and vibrant backgrounds while working layer by layer. Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers with Julie Gilbert Pollard is your go-to resource for painting the watercolor flowers you have been struggling to achieve.

In Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers with Julie Gilbert Pollard you'll find:

  • Step-by-step instruction for painting flowers
  • Color mixing tips for creating colorful whites
  • Quick tips to loosen up your watercolor paintings


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Carolyn Tolliver
Water Nnleased Painting Flowers

Julie creates amazing artist that creates paintings with a relaxed style that is easy to follow.