Judy Mudd

Judy Mudd: Just Around the Bend


Video Length: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
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Judy Mudd guides you on an engaging journey of rural landscape painting in watercolor!   Use your imagination to create not only what is there but what you wish were there. 

Using a less than ideal photo reference, Judy shows you how to expand upon the subject by eliminating, simplifying, and exploiting various areas of the scene for a stronger composition.   She takes viewers step-by-step through every aspect of the watercolor painting process from paper preparation to drawing tips to finishing details and signature.  Judy shows you how to mix your colors, including greens, with a limited palette approach.

During the painting process, you will learn how to create unity with a limited palette, how to layer trees for a soft distant appearance, how to easily arrange and add electrical poles and wires to a painting, how to add shadows and textures to create depth and interest in the subject, how and why you transition from cooler paint colors to warmer paint colors in various areas of the painting, how and why you should perform a final self-critique, how to make adjustments, corrections, and more.

Follow along with Judy as you have fun painting this simple rural street scene and turning it into an inviting painting with atmosphere. 

A drawing assist sketch, reference photo and paint list are included.