Jean Pederson

Jean Pederson: Artist's Pocket Guide to Better Painting


The "Artist's Pocket Guide to Better Painting" written and produced by Jean Pederson, contains a range of information for artists. You will find it to be a handy reference for both overview and details about your painting process. Jean Pederson brings together all kinds of loose ends that are not often covered in other artist workshops and training programs. It is a good companion for Jean's video Wet Glazing Watercolor Portrait.


Pocket Guide Description:

Jean Pederson's Booklet, Artist's Pocket Guide to Better Painting, (20 pages, 5"x7", coated, spiral bound) is a concentrated overview of the elements and principles of design. Pederson has produced the booklet to act as a practical reminder of ones artistic options while in the process of painting.

She presents questions to enable the artist to think about their options and improve a specific painting. For example, Pederson has you ask yourself, "What is my story? How will I tell my story in visual form? How can I organize my ideas?"

This pocket guide in not a review of design principles, but rather acts as a memory jog to help artists review their choices and perhaps change their direction. Pederson has included mini examples of design styles that may help a painting. She reviews how you may, by craftsmanship, design or personal language, among others, better communicate your intentions. It is a handy check list that is a useful addition to your tool kit of supplies.


- How to use this guide
- Questions to ask yourself as you prepare to paint
- Style - Visual examples
- Artist's Intention - Ways to communicate your intention
- Elements of design
- Building blocks for designing and painting
- Principles of design
- Ways for organizing the elements
- Perspective - creating the illusion of depth
- Assessing a painting - using this guide to assess a painting
- Bits of advice


Product Details:

* Coated Spiral Bound: 20 pages
* Language: English
* Product Dimensions: 5 X 7 inches