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Jan Kunz Combo Set


Video Length: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
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This Combo Set includes 2 Jan Kunz Watercolor Instructional Videos

 Watercolor Portrait Painting: Female

Join artist Jan Kunz, author of "Painting Beautiful Watercolors from Photographs" and "Painting Florals That Glow", to learn how to paint so that your paintings will glow. 

This step by step watercolor painting video workshop, "Watercolor Portrait Painting: Female with Jan Kunz", will become a favorite whether your skills are beginning or advanced. Paint along with Jan Kunz as she demonstrates the five steps to creating vibrant, life-like watercolor portraits. Learn how she selects a model, achieves correct proportions in a reference drawing, determines hue and value for skin tones, and uses tricks for bold rendering of hair. Jan provides enough information to keep serious painters occupied for years!


BONUS CLIP: Painting Hair in Watercolor Portrait

In this clip from her video workshop, Watercolor Portrait Painting: Female, renowned teacher Jan Kunz shares all her secrets for painting life-like hair. Jan offers tips on stroke direction, softening edges, and layering, and you'll learn all the color mixes she uses to match her reference photo.



Painting Watercolor Portraits: A Simple Approach From Photo to Finish


Paint someone special. See immediate results as you use Jan's beginner-friendly four-step method from photo to finish. 

Jan Kunz clearly demonstrates and explains how to paint a portrait in watercolor. You will see the entire painting process from start to finish, including shortcuts and tips for achieving a likeness.

Limited drawing skills won't hold you back in Jan's workshop. You'll learn to take great reference photos then trace and transfer the crucial shapes to your paper.

Jan Kunz shows you every tip and shortcut she has to help you get a portrait you can be proud of. Jan starts with an information-rich photograph, and demonstrates all the steps you'll need for success.

This workshop will save any painter years of trial and error with a difficult subject.


In this film you will learn about:

  • Taking resource photos that contain the necessary, subtle details and dramatic value shifts required for success
  • Spotting & sculpting the facial planes to help ensure a likeness
  • Shortcuts such as photo copies to access the value patterns
  • Getting your value shifts right using Jan's 40% rule
  • Choosing color mixtures for skin
  • Tricks and tools to get shine in hair
  • How to paint eyes that "sparkle"
  • Painting a mouth and teeth that look right
  • Where to put the final crevice darks to bring your painting to life
  • Integrating the whole painting with background colors. Jan's instruction is clear and logical. You will understand the why as well as how to do each step.


BONUS CLIP: Accurate Shadows in Watercolor

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