Hedi Moran

Hedi Moran: Florals, Poppies and Cantaloupe and Roses


Video Length: 3 Hours 40 Minutes
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Get two programs by impressionist artist Hedi Moran to add to our catalog of floral artists.....all for the price of one video.

"Poppies and Cantaloupe" concentrates on showing you how to create an abstract design using transparent colors of the objects in the setup, and finishing with lush opaque strokes of loose color.

The painting is fluid with changes that are made throughout the painting process to create a more interesting design, and relying on the setup as just an inspiration of the painting and not a slavish copy.

"Roses" shows you how to create a stylized rose design from a simple setup without copying every petal for petal. Using the design concepts shown in the companion video, Hedi creates an abstract representation of the design in transparent colors that set up the surface for the later addition of loose, painterly strokes of opaque paint that get much of their color from the under layer of transparent paint. She shows you how a white rose has many colors in it other than white, and how to incorporate all the colors of the design into every element.

These two programs complement each other so well that we decided to offer them together in a single package. It's like getting a whole video for free!

For the painter who wants to learn how to "loosen up", Hedi Moran is the instructor to guide you there. She is not confined by the subject or colors in front of her. She simply uses them as a starting point to create an even more beautiful painting in her mind. While she paints from life, her paintings cannot be described as copied from life, for they are truly inventions with a life of their own, complete and separate from their inspiration setups.

If you try some of the techniques she uses, you will see your own paintings spring to life with a creativity not seen before in your work. She is afraid of nothing, and doesn't hesitate to change or modify a shape or color if it suits the painting, regardless of what is in the setup. When she is finished, you may wonder how she saw such color and beauty in the simply arrangements in front of her. She creates a magic on the canvas that can only be understood by seeing every stroke that is laid on the canvas.....a process we revel in providing to the viewer. You'll see every stroke of these magical paintings on your screen, as well as every paint mixture on her palette.


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Anne L Whitaker
Sunflowers brings light and love

Enjoyed Heidi Moran's teaching disc. She is a great artist and instructor.