E. John Robinson

E. John Robinson: Seascapes in Watercolour

Video Length: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

Artists have been fascinated with the dynamic, majestic appearance of the sea for centuries. 

If you have been hesitant about tackling this intricate landscape in your own watercolor painting, this workshop with E. John Robinson could be just the thing that you need to take your abilities to the next level.

This watercolor workshop video is divided into two convenient parts so that you can develop a strong foundation for creating seascapes, regardless of whether you live near the ocean or in a landlocked country.

Robinson begins Part 1 of this workshop with an essential discussion of the techniques and tools needed to paint any watercolor seascape with ease. Students will receive detailed instruction on the anatomy of waves and portraying the emotion in all of its many moods. Robinson incorporate diagrams and practice exercises to help the student fully understand the process, which he executes using a limited palette, rough 300 pound Arches watercolor paper and just two brushes.

Part 2 of this art instruction workshop continues by providing students with various techniques for capturing the roaring surf including methods of realistically depicting water, foam, and spray. During the full step-by-step demonstration that follows, students will have the opportunity to work alongside Robinson as he divides a rocky shoreline scene into manageable independent units. You will learn how to paint specific types of water: puddles, creeks, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and ponds, harbors, and the surf, unleashing unlimited artistic possibilities.


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