Curtis Golomb

Curtis Golomb: Pushing The Boundaries Of Watercolor


Video Length: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
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It’s easy to create unique, exciting paintings when you push the boundaries of watercolor.

This video covers everything from going on location to selecting a subject right through to varnishing the finished painting to eliminate the need for glass.

Throughout the video Curtis provides clear instructions and shares the thinking behind the decisions he makes. His approach to painting a watercolor is sure to inspire you to take your own painting to new levels.


You will also learn:

  • how Curtis uses technology to edit the reference photo to make it better for painting
  • easy and innovative techniques for creating trees and shrubs
  • how to go beyond copying a subject to expressing your personal vision


About Curtis Golomb

Curtis Golomb was born in Northern Ontario. He drew inspiration, at an early age, from the beauty of his surroundings. His first influences were the images of the Group of Seven. He was also inspired by watching a CBC documentary about Toni Onley.

I was very young when I saw the film, and was quite taken by the apparent ease with which he could create such emotionally moving pieces of art with a single foxtail brush and a few simple brush strokes. Clearly there was more going on here than I imagined. This was the beginning of my passion for painting.”

What followed were years of painting and painting. With his use of bold, vibrant color and high contrast he takes watercolor to exciting new levels. His works are created on archival watercolor board and then finished with varnish in such a way that they can be framed without glass. His works are collected throughout the world and enjoyed by those who seek an emotional response to the landscape.

Curtis now resides in Southern Alberta. He paints throughout Canada and is a very popular workshop instructor.