Brenda Boylan: Pastel FUNdamentals

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Video Length: 3 Hours 10 Minutes

What will you learn in Brenda Boylan’s new video: Pastel FUNdamentals?

  • The FOUR layers of Brenda’s design pyramid
  • Why THIS element is FUNdamental in composition
  • How mistakes propel you forward
  • When painting with pastels, THIS is the paper you must use
  • Why every subject you choose MUST have this one thing 
  • Brenda’s secret for creating undeniable emotion in all who view her paintings
  • How to give your work harmonious color
  • What to do with broken pastels
  • How to demystify framing challenges for pastel paintings
  • The secret power of a personal connection to your subject
  • How to apply darks lightly as shapes
  • Brenda’s method for a solid underpainting
  • The “lights on” secret
  • The right way to apply isopropyl alcohol so it just melts in
  • What paper is perfect for texture and depth
  • How to use the flat edge of the pastel for big impact
  • The right order to apply pastels to keep them clean
  • How to paint “barn wood” the right way
  • How to get delicate, detailed lines in trees
  • The “sky hole” trick for a captivating sky
  • A way to get grasses and weeds to look realistic
  • How using edges can guide the eye
  • The “step back” technique and why you MUST know it
  • And so much more!


Discover the missing pieces in your own technique

Brenda invites us into her studio. She shows us her private process from idea … to finished, jaw-droppingly beautiful landscape.

If you’re like most artists, you admire the work of other artists and marvel at their ability to create such magic that you can’t look away. 

Brenda will reveal her tricks. She’ll show you how the magic is done. You’ll soon be on your way to creating the same stunning effects, and people will be wondering how YOU do it!

Brenda Boylan puts the FUN back in FUNdamentals

It may sound a little hokey, but once you “meet” Brenda on this video, you’ll see she has a lighthearted, sunny, and happy disposition.

Learning from Brenda is so easy. You are entertained WHILE learning. Pay close attention so you don’t miss the secrets as you’re laughing!

So, who is Brenda Boylan?

Since she could hold a crayon, Brenda has been fascinated by color and drawing. Her skills improved as she grew.

  • Earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Art and Design at California Polytechnic State University
  • Earned Master recognition with the International Association of Pastel Societies and the Pastel Society of America.
  • Brenda even holds Signature status with the American Impressionist Society and the Northwest Pastel Society.


From a young age, Brenda had a natural sense of balance, color, and design. Throughout her career, those senses have been sharpened to a professional level.

And now you can learn directly from Brenda!



  • Introduction
  • Inspiration: paint what inspires you
  • Materials & Tools: what you need to paint with pastel. Tips to avoid buying too many pastels
  • Set Up: how to get your paper onto the board, tips on how to manage the pastel dust, and what to do when your pastel breaks
  • Composition: 
    • general composition information review
    • The Design Pyramid
    • Brenda shares a chart she created that showcases sketch possibilities
  • Color Theme:
    • Brenda reviews the color theme of several of her paintings and reveals how she chose the theme for the demo painting and the mood it creates.
  • Painting Demonstration: The Underpainting
    • Build the Structure
    • Pressure when using pastels
    • Application 
    • Tips to Keep Pastels clean
    • Express Your Visual Voice
    • Keep the Color Harmony in the painting
    • Blend color for SOFT TRANSITIONS
    • Lead the eye through the painting
  • Painting Demonstration: Develop the Piece
    • The final part of the painting
    • Step back always 
    • Making corrections to shape and value, add shape harmony, make sure your lights have color
    • Marks with pastels
  • Painting Demonstration: Final Adjustments
    • Adjust edges 
    • Enhance feeling of depth
    • Add final details


Video Extras:

  • An interview with Brenda: You will hear more about her background, style, and approach
  • Exhibit of Works: You’ll get access to a huge gallery of Brenda’s finished pastel landscapes
  • High-Speed View: After watching Brenda create There Sits a Sun-Baked Barn, you’ll be able to see it come together in seconds in this high-speed view.