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Eddie Filer, JR: Portraits for Beginners


Video Length: 7 Hours
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Discover the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Painting Jaw-Dropping Portraits.

Your Journey Towards Becoming A Professional Portrait Artist Starts Here…

“Portraits for Beginners” will turn you from a novice to a skilled portrait artist as fast as possible…

…even if you’re completely new to portrait painting and have NO idea how to begin.

Even if you've tried painting portraits before and found it challenging, this video will change your perspective and make the process enjoyable again.

In fact, we’re quite sure you will start loving painting portraits!

By the end of this video, you’re going to know exactly what it takes to create stunning paintings that will impress your family and friends.

The goal of this video is to give you confidence that you too can create portraits you’re proud to show off to everyone… and finally be seen as a skilled portrait artist.

Eddie Filer, Jr. is exceptional at turning new artists into highly competent portrait painters.

Inside this step-by-step course, he'll share a variety of tips and techniques that will enable you to paint portraits quickly—portraits that people would be proud to display on their walls!


As you watch and paint alongside Eddie, you will:

  • Discover an easy-to-follow “stress-free” method that simplifies the entire portrait painting process…
  • Find out the techniques that make it easier for you to achieve a likeness that impresses even the most critical viewers…
  • Finally understand the secret to capturing the essence of your model like a master artist, even if you’re completely new.


Before you know it, you’re painting stunning portraits with the skills of a pro.

In fact, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to do this… and that’s because Eddie is such an incredible instructor.

He’ll show you a way of painting that’s relaxing and reassuring, guiding you every step of the way — unlike some instructors who often leave you guessing and having to “fill in the gaps” yourself.

Listen to his thought process and learn how he approaches challenges and situations that might otherwise frustrate or intimidate you.

Shortcut the time it takes to paint life-like portraits by letting Eddie show you his process. You can effectively reduce your learning time by months or even years just by watching an expert like Eddie in action.


You’ll learn important techniques like:

  • How to feel the shape and dimension of each feature of the model's face… (a level of observation guaranteed to blow you away!)
  • How to compare and contrast big shapes to small shapes…
  • How to accurately map the points and planes of the head…
  • The easiest way to achieve correct spacing of facial features…
  • How to start with the “general” and end with the “specifics” ...
  • How to get a likeness that viewers expect…
  • How to “see” like a true pro…
  • and so much more!


After going through this course, not only will you have the skills to paint stunning portraits, you’ll also have the confidence to do it every single time.

If your goal is to paint wall-worthy portraits or get commissioned projects, this video will set you on the right path.

Your journey towards becoming a respected portrait artist is about to begin…

And all you have to do is to watch and follow along!


Meet Your New Instructor, Eddie Filer, Jr.!

If you were to come to us asking, “I want to try portrait painting, how do I get started?” …

…the first name that comes to mind is the brilliant Eddie Filer, Jr..

As a member of the Portrait Society of America, Eddie Filer, Jr. is well-known for turning new artists into highly competent portrait painters FAST…

That’s because he’s been doing it for years!

He has been painting faces for over 4 decades…and he actively teaches fundamental portrait painting classes to beginners, teaching art in public schools and painting workshops.

He’s incredible at simplifying the most complicated and confusing parts of portrait painting, making it easy for new artists to “get it”.


But he does more than that…

“The goal of any artist is to not have any technique… it’s to get to a point where you’re not thinking about painting… you simply ‘paint’!” - Eddie Filer, Jr.

In other words… he’s going to build your confidence until painting portraits becomes natural to you.

Eddie loves to turn students on to the freedom of exploration and discovery in their work.

As you paint alongside Eddie, each day will bring new discoveries as you learn more and ‘see’ more about your model. 

Imagine painting a portrait that continues to get more exciting and fun as you come increasingly closer to capturing the true likeness and character of the model.

Like solving a puzzle where you don’t know the next piece until you’ve completed the pieces before, you will constantly enjoy a series of rewarding ‘AHA!’ moments.

Even if you’re new, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to pull this off.

One of the more important lessons Eddie will teach you is to take the time to “see”. 

No rush. 

No stress.

Get this right and you’ll be miles ahead of your peers, because most beginners struggle with this concept.


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • Discover the complete A-Z process of painting stunning portraits — from blank canvas to finished work…
  • Enjoy a beginner-friendly guide to truly understanding the model's face and hair so you can paint them easier...
  • How to "FEEL" the color that you’re capturing — and how to get your viewers to feel it too...
  • A pro-level secret to capturing the subtle tones when painting skin that touches skin...
  • How to train yourself to "see" like a professional portrait artist… (without these insights, most beginners will struggle with this in silent frustration)
  • A discussion about "Transitional Tones" (simplified for easier understanding) ...
  • The trick to knowing if your painting is ‘on track’ and why it’s best to do this EARLIER than most...
  • How to strengthen your drawing using these tools for an even better result...
  • The surprisingly simple secret to painting shadow areas...
  • Why you should NEVER use white to lighten your paint (use THIS instead) ...
  • How to paint lights in the shadow side so they still remain in the shadows… (this is critical for believable portraits)
  • Mindset-shifting tip: How to "sculpt" your way into painting a stunner…
  • How to develop the eyes, facial features, and hair to look natural…
  • The BEST way to pose your model that truly captures their character...
  • Two ingenious tips to make lips look natural...
  • What to do when the model moves and throws you off (this separates the pros from the amateurs)…
  • What questions every artist needs to ask themselves to make their art better...
  • PLUS: How to create AIR and ambience around the model…

  • and so many more valuable lessons to quickly turn you into a competent portrait artist!


Chapter Breakdown: 

Video Length: 6+ hours


Day 1: The Block-In

  1. Block in Big Shapes
  2. Continuing the Block-In
  3. Finishing the Block-In

Day 2: Strengthening

  1. Adjust and Develop Darks
  2. Work All Over
  3. Develop the Background, Hair, and Facial Features
  4. Turn the Form

Day 3: Refining & Finishing


Extra Bonuses:

  • High Speed View for your painting convenience
  • Exhibit of Works for your creative inspiration
  • Interview with Eric Rhoads for insights and motivation


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alex Hernandez

Eddie Filer, Jr.: Portraits for Beginners

susan tyler
Excellent Artist and Teacher

Eddie Filer is a fantastic artist and teacher. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from Eddie should jump at the chance. His work is beautiful and teaching style is nurturing and competent.

Viola Jaynes

Loved the video and watching how he mixes his colors, and how he puts everything in perspective. Lots and lots to learn from Eddie. I will revisit this video many more times over. Thanks, Eddie, for putting it together.

George De Filippis
Watch, Listen and Learn

This August, will be one year since I began watching artists on uTube to learn the very basics and then the process of oil painting.

Eddie Filer, Jr was the second paid learning video. The first was combined landscape and portrait. I rate that experience a four and a half Stars.

Mr Filer's is a Five Star learning experience. His verbal explanations as he painted and how he applied paint to the portrait stayed with me as I did my next portrait. Always in my mind was his saying, remember we are still drawing, we are always drawing.

Viola Jaynes
Great Teacher

I have had Eddie as a teacher in person before. He is a great teacher, but what makes him even a better teacher is that he makes the student feel relaxed and at ease. It makes learning fun and effective. Great person all around!