Cornelia Hernes

Cornelia Hernes: Elegant Portraits


Video Length: 9 Hours
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Discover The “Hidden Blueprint” Behind Atmospheric Classical Portraits Taught Behind Closed Doors of Prestigious Art Schools


Behind every successful portrait, there’s a “hidden blueprint”.

Once you know what this blueprint is, creating wonderful classical realist portraits becomes so much easier…and people are going to take notice.

Internationally acclaimed award-winning artist and former principal instructor at the Florence Academy of Art is going to reveal what this blueprint is…

…and she’s holding nothing back.

This blueprint will help you solidify your understanding on how to create gorgeous portraits.

You’re about to get extreme clarity on how it’s actually done, and you’re getting a brilliant and articulate instructor to show you how.

Recorded in her own studio, Cornelia has spent more than a year creating this insightful video to ensure your portrait painting education is as complete as possible!


Meet Your Instructor, Cornelia Hernes!

Cornelia Hernes, born and raised in Norway, is a classical realist painter and a highly experienced instructor.

From the onset of her oil painting pursuits in her late teens, she was particularly interested in rendering the human form and emotive expressions through portraiture and mythological motifs.

During her artistic and academic training, she further developed a deep affection for the genres of still life. Her current focus includes portrait painting, still life painting and commission based work.

From 2007 to 2020 Cornelia taught at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art in Italy, Sweden and in the USA consecutively.

In 2018, Cornelia brought her experience as an artist and instructor online with portrait painting tutorials and art instruction.

After many years living abroad, Cornelia and her husband, Stephen Bauman, now work and live in Norway bringing the craftsmanship of drawing and painting to the online audience.

With someone like Cornelia as your instructor, you’re sure to learn a lot of new things that will transcend your portrait painting skills.


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • The “hidden blueprint” behind successful classical portraits…
  • Cornelia’s favorite techniques and approaches…
  • How to observe and analyze structure within portraiture using different methods
  • Color & value observation techniques that you may not have heard of…
  • How to mix skin tones in light & shadow…
  • What brush to use when and why…
  • How to observe the shadow and light shape…
  • Various paint application techniques, increasing your painting toolbox…
  • Mirror observation techniques which help observe nature abstractly…
  • Cornelia’s take on the “Wipeout” technique…
  • The secret to magnifying an aspect of the form…
  • How to translate the dynamic harmony of the composition…
  • Techniques for monochromatic underpainting, direct painting, and more…
  • How to observe color harmonies in the composition…
  • How to key your shadows in properly and create the illusion of volume…
  • A simple yet powerful tool (you already have this tool) to see the unity of values and information, ensuring a more atmospheric translation…
  • The “5-10-20 Shadow” method to compose the portrait…
  • How to create an impression of fluid and subtle form that’s rich in structure…
  • How to avoid creating a “chalky” appearance and experience a more vibrant and colorful painting…
  • How to organize your palette in a way that helps you to find the correct color and value (essential in a direct painting approach)...
  • How to add “atmosphere” in the eyes…
  • How to layer the painting while continually strengthening the structure of shapes while keeping the transitions looking fluid and effortless…
  • How to maintain the big impression while enriching the final passage of paint with fine detail…
  • PLUS: The “whys and hows” of certain concepts that have been eluding you…
  • and so many more incredible insights straight from a former FAA instructor!


Who Is This Video For?


This video is perfect for you if:

  • You’re looking to enrich your visual vocabulary and further develop your portrait painting skills…
  • You’re an intermediate and advanced level artist who has some familiarity with the academic principles of portrait drawing and painting (you understand that the shadow and light shape creates the foundation of structure), and you’re looking to expand and solidify your understanding…
  • You know what something is, but you’re unsure of the “whys” and “hows”...
  • You’re looking for a fresh new perspective with your underpainting approach…
  • You simply want to see an example of portrait painting done well…
  • You only want to flow with the chaos of painting, but frustrated with the lack of structure in your portrait…
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the advice out there and you’re seeking consistent and coherent advice on the foundation of portrait painting in a classical style (beginners will find this extremely helpful)...
  • You want to know how to be more fluid, playful, and relative even within an academic approach…


Video Breakdown

Before You Begin Painting:

  • Key Concepts in Portraiture
  • Selecting Colors for the Portrait
  • Mirror Observation

The Underpainting: Day One

  1. Composing the Portrait
  2. Reductive Block In
  3. Introducing Color

The Intermediate Stage: Day Two

  1. Modeling the Form
  2. Painting the Hair & Scarf

The Intermediate Stage: Day Three

  1. Painting the Shoulders & Neckline

The Refining Stage: Day Four

  1. Neckline & Necklace
  2. Refining & Concluding the Portrait


Extra Bonuses:

  • Oiling Out:Discover how to see the TRUE color and value of dried paint, how to make the surface more flexible and workable for when you paint back into an area. If you’ve noticed that oil “sinks in” and becomes dull when they dry, this lesson will reveal interesting solutions, including Cornelia’s two go-to oils.
  • High Speed View of the Demonstration Painting set to music - fun to watch it develop
  • Exhibit of Works View a collection of Cornelia’s paintings - inspirational and set to music
  • Insights from the Artist Sit with Cornelia and learn how she got that first spark of passion for paint, and how she lives life as an artist!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kjetil Ottesen
Cornelia Hernes: Elegant Portraits

Very helpful. A good insight into classical style of painting. Recommended

Cornelia Hernes: Elegant Portraits

Cornelia�s analysis of her personal art journey informs equally with her sensitive oil painting process. I appreciate her strength and determination to realize her voice.

Elegant Portrait

I truly enjoyed and I learned from Cornelia's video Elegant Portrait. The important lesson in this tutorial is a very good explanation about the techniques to handle the dark values. The color palette piece shows how to mix and paint the dark values. Cornelia continues to advance the painting and shows the process to the complete end of this woman's portrait. It is a delightful experience to follow and listen to Cornelia throughout the painting. The leaner can go back again and again to rewatch whatever is their difficulty spot in portrait work. I recommend this video for its completeness in how to get from start to end in the portrait world.

Joan Kelly
The Best Portrait Instruction

Cornelia Hernes is an incredible teacher and painter. I am so happy that she made this video that includes every aspect of the portrait at a pace that can be followed. No short cuts, just perfect step by step instruction. A must have learning tool.

Ritratti eleganti di Cornelia Hernes

Ho acquistato il video di Cornelia e ne sono rimasta entusiasta, Cornelia la seguo da anni, è un'insegnante molto professionale e il suo stile mi piace moltissimo. Il video è eccellente.