Michael Mentler

Michael Mentler: Figure Drawing in the Renaissance Tradition


Video Length: 6 Hours 20 Minutes
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Modern-Day Leonardo Da Vinci Reveals the Secrets of Figure Drawings in the Renaissance Style… 

There’s a little-known idea about figure drawing.

Hardly anybody is talking about it. But when you learn and use it, you’ll see incredible growth as an artist.

The old idea was to study in expensive workshops and create hundreds of figure drawings — spending countless hours sweating every detail of your work until eventually you just “got it.”

Maybe one month you focused on the muscles of the head…

Maybe later you focused on the way the muscles of the arms work together…

Then you would go back to the head for a few weeks…

Then you’d jump to light and shadow work…

This old way is confusing, and it takes a long time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

And though there is no substitute for practice, you can waste years on “bad practice” without the right direction.

The NEW IDEA is different, and it goes like this:

First you follow a series of proven steps and learn the fundamentals of creating your figure study…

Next you learn how to establish proportion, how to work with forms, and how to use balance and movement to breathe life into your work…

…THEN you learn how to harness your intuition and get into a focused state of creativity where you combine technique with intuition.

…Then you practice like mad.

How Much Is Your Time Worth to YOU as an Artist?

THIS is the ONE THING you absolutely need if you want to learn to create stunning figure drawings.

Michelangelo learned from the legendary Ghirlandaio…
 Titian was an apprentice of Bellini…
 Leonardo da Vinci was taught by Verrocchio…

The list goes on and on.

Now YOU have the rare opportunity to learn from a legendary master of the Renaissance Style.


This training will:

  • Give you step-by-step and proven techniques to easily create stunning figure drawings…
  • Effortlessly create the perfect drawing plan before you ever touch your materials…
  • Give you more confidence in your figure drawing ability…
  • Make it easy to overcome the obstacles that have held you back before
  • Help you avoid the common figure drawing mistakes that beginners and even intermediate artists make…
  • Uncover the real secrets for taking your drawing skills to the next level … fast
  • So do you want to finally learn how to draw amazing figures the way the Old Masters of the Renaissance did?

Even if you don’t want to draw in the style of the Old Masters or do figure or portrait drawing, this training will enhance your overall skills and help you create masterful drawings.


Take a closer look at what you’ll learn in this *exclusive* video training:

  • How to come up with your own drawing “game plan” so you can take clear steps to achieving a finished drawing you will be proud of
  • See a clear way to understanding the theory behind figure drawing
  • Learn to effortlessly work with FORMS — the building blocks of your drawing
  • Understanding the key to getting “in the Zone” and why THIS is *exactly* where your biggest breakthroughs will come from
  • The tools and tricks Mentler uses to SUBTRACT various elements from the drawing — and the strange reason this is so helpful in your work
  • The CRITICAL mistakes artists make in the beginning — and how you can avoid them and make faster progress in your drawings
  • All the measurement systems you need to know to establish the correct proportions of the head, arms, torso, hips, and more
  • Why using comparative measurements can make things 10 times easier on you
  • The secret to drawing the head from multiple angles and how to establish the right proportions for the eye sockets, cranium, cheekbones, mouth, nose, and more
  • How to use a “wireframe” to draw from multiple angles
  • What you probably don’t know about the KEY differences between drawing men and women
  • How to tap into your intuition, freeing yourself up to GROW and learn new and exciting things with each drawing you create
  • How to use the line of gravity, balance, and rhythm to make your figure drawings more lifelike
  • And there’s more. A lot more.


Customer Reviews

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Demion Riddick
Michael Mentler: Figure Drawing In The Renaissance Tradition

Excellent lessons. Michael Mentler not inly draws beautiful and powerful figures but his teachings make figure drawing as simple as it gets!

Demion Riddick
Michael Mentler: Figure Drawing In The Renaissance Tradition

Excellent lessons. Michael Mentler not inly draws beautiful and powerful figures but his teachings make figure drawing as simple as it gets!

Great video!

This video has given me the tools I need to approach figure drawing with confidence and enjoy the process. Thank you!

Laurence Lance
At long last someone really makes sense of this stuff

I have an embarrassing amount of money in books and videos on anatomy,and none of it seems to make sense to me. I can't find a coherent methodology where "A" leads to "B" and "A" = "B" makes "C... Until now.

Maybe it's the teaching style. Maybe it's because he's taken a great deal of time to think this through and produce a systematic process that's elegant in the approach, and flexible in application. Michael Mentler just turned the lights on! Now stuff makes sense and now I've got a solid easy to understand framework that I can remember and make use of.

Jerald Peterson
Michael Mentler

Good investment. Made me think more about what I was drawing.