Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos: Secrets of Figure Drawing


Video Length: 17 Hours 55 Minutes
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Learn along with Cesar as he shows you:

  • The powerful system he's developed to teach you to create amazing, transcendent drawings. You've probably never seen anything like this...
  • A unique step-by-step approach to creating beautiful figure and portrait drawings...
  • How to remove all the guesswork from the process so you know exactly what to do next...
  • How to help you find success with your art faster and more easily than you would believe...


Do You Want to Know the REAL Secret to Creating Amazing Figure Drawings Without Spending Years of Your Life Struggling to Learn How to Draw?

Imagine there's a magic pencil and every time you pick up this pencil, you're able to create incredible drawings like this one — drawings will leave your viewers speechless.


  • Sitting down and doing amazing drawings that others will marvel at
  • Having the confidence that you can draw stunning, lifelike masterpieces
  • Knowing that all of your artwork will be better once your drawings improve
  • No more frustrating trial and error
  • Quite simply, every second that you put your magic pencil to work, you create something so lifelike and visually powerful that time seems to stop every time you view it.

Sadly, we all know there is no such thing as a magic pencil


If you want to learn how to create drawings like the one above, then what we're about to share with you is the next best thing

You see, there's a master artist who has some of the finest drawing skills in the world. His drawings are highly collectable.

In fact, one of the top realism collectors in the world purchased one of this artist's sketch pads because he knows it could become a national treasure.

You see, this artist you are about to meet was trained in Florence, Italy, at a very special school that few people in the world ever get to attend. It was there that he discovered these special techniques so few artists possess.

His name is Cesar Santos, and he's one of the world's greatest when it comes to drawing the human figure. And when we saw his sketchbooks, we begged him to create a historic documentation of his entire step-by-step process on video.

But we did not want just another drawing video. We wanted a full course that gives you the depth of training that will allow you to create masterful drawings with the skills he teaches you.

Cesar spent weeks preparing for this special video, and created dozens of in-depth drawings, starting with a skeletal drawing, then adding layers of muscles, and then the skin and the textures. He really did his homework to deliver an absolutely top-notch drawing course that will improve your lifetime body of work.


Follow Along As Cesar Reveals:

  • The hidden secret to preparing for your drawing — everything you need in the beginning to give your figure drawing a bulletproof foundation
  • EXACTLY how to photograph a model in order to reduce lens distortion, and how to treat the photograph as if it were a live model in the studio, so you don't have to pay for hours of modeling time ÛÒ This alone will save you enough to pay for this video
  • How to create a gesture study that will help you understand the subject and capture the movement and energy of the model
  • A proven way to simplify your forms (and the surprising reason this makes things 10 times easier as you go)
  • A complete A-to-Z solution for creating your first sketches
  • How to craft your gesture lines to create the *exact* movements found around the outline of the model
  • All of the fascinating and unique tools Cesar uses to get vivid texture and beautiful effects with his drawings
  • The easiest way to work with thick, thin, soft, and hard lines in charcoal
  • An in-depth "crash course on the go" covering the important elements and landmarks of the human anatomy you MUST know
  • When you should step back and completely IGNORE the values — and why this makes it so much easier to make refinements and adjustments
  • The secret to working with shapes, volume, values, and light
  • How to know when you should "copy" and when you should "represent" when drawing
  • How to avoid the fatal mistakes people typically make when drawing in charcoal
  • How to create a sense of balance and flow between the different elements of your work

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About the Artist:Cesar Santos

From his early childhood in Cuba, Cesar Santos was always interested in creative arts after, immigrating with his family to Miami, he dreamt of a future as an artist. After attending art school and learning a contemporary view of post-impressionistic principles, Cesar wanted to add to his knowledge by understanding the scientific aspect of painting, so he set off to the Angel Academy in Florence to learn more. He then took that knowledge and blended it with what he had learned and used it to develop his own unique and personal style that reflects both modernism and traditionalism.

Cesar is well known for creating portraits that reflect his passion for the unnoticeable, yet irreplaceable, people of his community.


Customer Reviews

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Mary Anne
Cesar Santos: Secrets of Figure Drawing

When I bought this video, I had never held a piece of charcoal in my hand or worked a kneaded eraser. I knew nothing about anatomy, "big + small form modeling", or what was involved in the process of taking a blank piece of paper all the way to a "finished" drawing of the Human Figure. All I had was a profound desire to learn how to do charcoal. Cesar is a Master Teacher. He demonstrates each tool and technique you will ever need, all in a common sense, step-by-step approach. Highest rec!!!

Mary Anne ace@imapmail.org
Cesar Santos: Secrets of Figure Drawing

When I bought this video, I had never held a piece of charcoal in my hand or worked a kneaded eraser. I knew nothing about anatomy, "big + small form modeling",...

Again, a winner!

This is my second video of Cesar's. The videos are top notch! They cost a little more, but are worth it for all of the teaching that goes into them.

Mariano Monti
An excellent video

I would like to said, thanks the video is so good, full of details, excellent advices, I'm so happy!! Thanks Cesar.

Chris North
Incredibly valuable

This is a fantastic course, and I'm glad I purchased it. Mr. Santos is a master artist, and a master teacher. His skills and knowledge are at a high level, and they are delivered with energy and focus in this video. The steps will be familiar to those that know the academic approach to drawing. What makes this different is how they are delivered. Mr. Santos has a sense of humor, a focus, and a way of saying things that is different from the norm - call it artistic teaching. Valuable, fun, and impactful. The lessons will stay with me, and affect my work in a very positive way. Highly recommended!