Diane McClary: Seeing and Mixing Color

Video Length: 3 Hours 33 Minutes

Every artist knows the importance of color, but it is often difficult to mix just the right one. It is frustrating to have to scrape off paint or paint over a color multiple times.


This DVD has a wealth of information and answers to that challenge. On these two discs, totaling 2½ hours, you will join in Diane’s classes, and in her studio, on an in-depth journey into everything about color.

  • There are three demonstration paintings, each of a still life filled with objects of one primary color - red, blue, and yellow.
  • In the classroom she teaches you how to take a primary color and change the temperature from very warm to very cool, and the paints to use to make that happen.
  • In one segment an original painting by Sergei Bongart, Master Russian Impressionist, is examined and his use of colors and color temperature is discussed at length.
  • The second disc was filmed in Diane’s studio where a complex, colorful and large still life is set up. Diane walks the viewer through the value study, the initial drawing, and then to the three steps to complete a large painting with emphasis on color temperature, values, brush and paint application techniques, and much more.