Watercolor Artist Reveals How His Unique “FairyLights” Technique Creates Magical Light Effects and Eye-Catching Art! 

Discover a NEW painting approach you can try today and see a massive improvement in your art!

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When Taiwanese watercolor artist Chien Chung-Wei (AWS, D.F.) showed his masterpiece Listen to the Wind to the world, it attracted a lot of attention.

That’s probably because he used a technique most artists have never heard about.

But once you know this technique…

You can create magical dappled light effects in any painting, making it stand out more than ever — just like the painting below.

Chien uses what we call the “FairyLights” technique.

It involves using masking fluid as a means to paint more FREELY and spontaneously. 

A brilliant and odd combination…

…where, with the protection of the masking fluid, you can freely splash and spatter and wash your paint onto the paper to create spontaneous color mingling and lively paint effects!

That’s the essence of his technique.

At the final stage, adding the finishing touch of “washing out” will result in the perfect combination to accurately express the “pearly lights of watercolor”!

That’s how Chien was able to create such an amazing effect in his masterpiece!

The ultimate takeaway you’ll get from Chien is this:

You’ll learn how to be MORE spontaneous, thanks to his brilliant use of masking fluid.

Masking fluid is NOT just for saving highlights.

Few people realize you can use it to make your paintings feel MORE expressive … MORE natural … and MORE impactful!

Simply put, this technique gives you a NEW way to approach watercolor painting, opening up doors for you to come up with interesting, eye-catching effects.

“I believe, after watching this video, you will be much more experienced with masking fluid.”

— Chien Chung-Wei

Now, this technique does a few other interesting things as well.

Before discovering the “FairyLights” technique, Chien noticed managing dark backgrounds proved difficult.

The risk of contaminating his delicate highlights was higher, making it tough for him to showcase the charm of pearly light.

This is why Chien’s “FairyLights” technique is so elegant…

…because it allows you to avoid the small highlights and easily brush out deep and majestic backgrounds.

Another issue is that whites created by your masking fluid may be too flat, rigid, and unnatural.

This technique not only maintains the stable light shapes of masking fluid…

…it also adds random, natural spattering, making the painting naturally vivid and reducing the stiffness of the masked shapes.

Plus, you can use this technique on almost any subject. It is especially appealing for dark backgrounds and bright details.

Which means you’ll increase the success rate of your watercolor paintings!

This video is a gem not to be missed.

Not only will you learn how to successfully capture the serene atmosphere of a forest scene…

…you’ll also learn how to paint a handsome deer and how it instantly adds an amazing sense of life, atmosphere, and mood in the painting.

There are a TON more lessons you’ll learn with Chien.

His expertise will no doubt fill the gaps in your watercolor painting knowledge, turning you into a far better painter in a short amount of time.

But before we reveal the rest, let’s get to know Chien a little better!


Chien Chung-Wei (AWS, D.F.)!

Chien Chung-Wei is the first artist in Taiwan to become a Signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society.

He’s also the author of the bestselling books The Intrigue of Form and Learning Watercolor from Demonstrations. 

Artists and collectors say the watercolor works of Chien Chung-Wei appear to embrace the spirits and temperament of Western watercolor masters over the last two centuries. 

You can see the influence of some great watercolor masters, such as Thomas Girtin, John Sell Cotman, J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, and Edward Seago in his works. 

Chien also breaks the boundary between watercolors and oil paints. He created a series of works using watercolors and gouache that look like the Romantic oil paintings of the 19th century. 

Those works totally changed the conventional impression of watercolors!

His works are classic in color, with masterful brushstrokes that endow every character with a rich fullness. 

He creates beauty and intrigue of form even with ordinary subjects, and that’s the enchantment of his watercolors.

Today, you get the chance to learn from this amazing artist and discover new skills that will propel your art to an entirely different level.

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

Introducing Chien Chung-Wei’s Brand NEW Course:

Painting Nature in Watercolor

Inside this video, Chien will walk you through how he created his masterpiece Listen to the Wind.

You’ll also learn a brand new way to use humble masking fluid to create impressive effects in your paintings.

After this video, you’ll notice that you can be far more expressive and spontaneous with your watercolor art.

And that’s just ONE lesson…

Chien’s painting is a fine example of the potential of watercolor to convey a variety of textures and atmospheres within a single piece. 

Just by painting along, you’ll learn to solve most (if not all) of watercolor’s tricky issues!

You’ll get to learn techniques like:

  • How to find the subject matter that truly moves you…
  • How to effectively distribute the elements of your subject into a pleasing composition…
  • How to use pencil to create a two-stage draft on watercolor paper
  • How to use masking fluid the RIGHT way for great effects…
  • How to retain natural spattering effects while painting large areas of color…
  • How to judge the timing for darker colors from the surface gloss on the painting…
  • How to decide the amount of detail to add based on the distribution of large areas in the composition…
…and so many more incredible lessons!

After this video, you’re going to be fully equipped with the skills needed to craft an amazing piece yourself.

This video is filmed and taught by Chien Chung-Wei himself!

At his recommendation, Eric Yi Lin of Cafewatercolor will be the English translator and voiceover artist.

Rest assured you will have the words of Chien coming through clearly, including all instructions and details for how to paint this scene successfully.

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats


Course Length: 3 Hours

Chapter 1:  Introduction: 4 min.

In this captivating introduction, you’ll discover the remarkable story behind Chien’s inspiration for this stunning painting. As you delve into the artist’s journey, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the subject matter and feel motivated to embark on your own artistic adventure.

Chapter 2: Materials & Color Mixing: 12 min.

Dive into the world of watercolor painting as Chien guides you through the essential tools and supplies. You’ll learn about the brushes, paper, and paints he recommends, and witness the magic of masking fluid as Chien demonstrates how to preserve the paper’s white areas. Prepare to be amazed by his tips for mixing vibrant, natural greens that will bring your woodland scene to life and create a captivating, sparkly light effect.

Chapter 3: Drawing: 14 min.

Discover Chien’s innovative 2-stage drawing process, designed to help you create an elegant composition on paper. Rather than focusing on every intricate detail, you’ll learn how to establish a rhythmic flow of lights that will guide your painting. This chapter will give you the confidence to simplify your drawing and create a strong foundation for your watercolor masterpiece.

Chapter 4: Apply Masking Fluid: 17 min

Chien shares his expertise in applying masking fluid in a variety of ways. Watch how he uses it to preserve sparkly highlights and allow for more expressive brushwork. Follow along as he reveals his tips for using masking fluid effectively, eliminating the risk of losing those crucial light areas. Plus, gain insight into Chien’s "Brushwork Philosophy," which will transform your approach to painting.

Chapter 5: First Wash: 25 min.

Immerse yourself in the world of color as you mix a palette of warm and cool hues alongside Chien. Learn the perfect water-to-paint ratio, and witness the magic of his brushstroke techniques for large areas and broken strokes for highlights. Discover how to create natural, exciting transitions from light to dark, and embrace Chien’s free yet purposeful painting style. From splattering and mingling to directing the flow of paint, this chapter will help you break free from the constraints of traditional watercolor painting.

Chapter 6: Refine the First Wash: 20 min.

Elevate your painting to new heights as you learn to add distant trees, branches, and tree trunks while your first wash is still moist. Discover Chien’s “secret weapon” for adding details that resemble the richness of oil paint. Master techniques like scratching, lifting, and tilting your board to maintain a sense of freedom in your work. Learn when to trust your instincts and deviate from your reference to create a balanced, harmonious composition that emphasizes the rhythm of light.

Chapter 7: Paint the Leaves: 32 min.

Prepare to be amazed by Chien’s game-changing tip on scrubbing out color using a warm tint instead of clear water. Discover the power of softening edges where light leaves meet dark, and learn to remove masking fluid to reveal glowing leaves without falling into the trap of a “coloring book” approach. Master brushwork techniques, the strategic use of pure green, and the art of blending leaves seamlessly. Embrace the rhythm of tight to loose and defined to abstract, and learn to avoid repetition for a natural, captivating result

Chapter 8: Foreground & Final Details: 32 min.

In this final chapter, learn to trust your artistic instincts and make decisions based on the needs of your painting. Discover the importance of planning and understanding how to carry the rhythm and flow throughout your work. Master layering techniques to create form and structure, and explore brush techniques for added texture and interest. With Chien’s guidance, you’ll learn to add dimension, develop the darkest darks using oil painting techniques, and even paint the charming deer hidden in the woods.

By the end of this instructional video, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create your own breathtaking watercolor nature paintings. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true master and take your artistry to new heights. 

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What Chien Chung-Wei Will Share Inside 

Painting Nature in Watercolor

Discover the Power of Chien Chung-Wei’s “FairyLights” Technique!

The “FairyLights” technique was born out of necessity. Without it, managing dark backgrounds proved difficult, and the risk of contaminating delicate highlights was higher. Without this technique, showcasing the pearly light seen in Chien’s painting would be nearly impossible.

Additionally, the whites created by masking fluid were too flat, rigid, and unnatural without this innovative approach.

The “FairyLights” technique became the solution. Chien will demonstrate how to use easy and effective methods to preserve small areas of pearly light. By combining these with rich and compelling composition ideas, you’ll be able to truly showcase the power of this technique.

In this video, Chien will guide you every step of the way to maximize the impact of his technique. Your paintings will never be the same again!

Discover the Secrets to Creating Magical Scenes!

One reason Chien’s paintings have received so much praise is his ability to create truly magical scenes. This video will reveal all the techniques and steps he used to craft his masterpiece. Simply follow along, and you’ll learn how to apply these methods to your future paintings.

Originally, this painting wasn’t meant to include a deer. However, a wave of inspiration led Chien to add one, infusing the scene with a strong sense of tranquility and atmosphere. This “emotional boost” may be another reason this masterpiece is beloved by artists.

This is your opportunity to recreate this amazing work of art and discover the secrets to creating standout paintings that truly wow audiences!

A Chance to Deeply Understand Chien Chung-Wei’s Approach!

This video gives you the rare opportunity to deeply understand and appreciate Chien Chung-Wei’s art and techniques. 

If you’re fascinated by the effects of light and shadow, you’ll find this video perfect. You’ll learn how to use the humble masking fluid effectively and how to combine it with brush-spattering techniques to create the dazzling and dramatic light effects of transparent watercolors. 

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking to improve your watercolor skills fast, this video is a treasure trove of information. Regardless of your level of experience, this course will give you the skills needed to create even more amazing paintings!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

HERE's A small taste of what's inside

Painting Nature in Watercolor

✅ Chien’s “secret weapon” for adding details before the paint dries, a technique that creates effects that look almost like oil paint!

✅ Learn how Chien creates the magical dappled light effect with his unique “FairyLights” technique — a combination of 3 elements you’re already using…

✅ Chien’s brilliant lessons for mixing NATURAL GREENS — a must for this forest scene…

✅ Brushwork techniques to paint leaves (and how to blend them so they don’t look “cut out”)…

✅ How to create a rhythm of lights that will flow through the painting…

✅ Chien’s “Brushwork Philosophy” that will cement the right mindset in you for painting great works of art…

✅ How Chien creates contrast and depth (must-watch!)...

✅ Discover the hidden power of masking fluid to paint with more spontaneity and expression…

✅ How to create natural-looking, exciting, and interesting transitions from light to dark…

A step-by-step approach for how to make distant trees, branches, and other elements look LUSH and not stiff…

✅ PLUS: Brilliant techniques to keep you PAINTING FREELY without restrictions…

…and so much more!

Discover Chien Chung-Wei’s Watercolor Secrets in Painting Nature in Watercolor!

If you’ve ever felt like your paintings could be more interesting and eye-catching…

…or if you’re an artist who constantly strives to be better at creating stunning works of art…

…then you’ve already made a choice by reading this far. 

You’re not just looking for another painting course; you’re seeking a transformation, a new way of seeing and capturing the world around you.

With Chien Chung-Wei’s Painting Nature in Watercolor, you’re not just learning techniques; you’re embracing a whole new artistic identity.

Soon, you’ll be a far more confident artist who dares to express fully without any doubts — an artist who understands what art is and is able to convey your personal message to the audience.

This isn’t just a course; it’s a journey to becoming the best artist you can be.

Don’t forget…

Very few instructors have the same level of experience or teaching prowess as Chien Chung-Wei… 

There are two options for you now…

You can go back to what you’ve been doing — trial-and-error various approaches and techniques until you find the answer…


You can shortcut your way to becoming a better version of yourself as an artist with Chien Chung-Wei’s brilliant instruction.

You don’t even have to think or figure things out — just listen and absorb information while you follow along.

In just one sitting, you’re going to discover how to create successful paintings that get noticed.

Furthermore, since Chien lives in Taiwan, attending a workshop of his can be out of the question for most…

But this video is the next best thing.

It’s like having him as your personal “in-house” instructor you can refer to over and over again — and it won’t cost you an extra penny.

Plus, you’ll get to see all the materials used so you won’t end up wasting money on getting the wrong ones.

It’s a shortcut to what works so you can continue painting instead of spending time figuring out what to get or what to do!

Once you know all that, there’s no stopping you from creating even more brilliant artwork!

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Though you can observe the techniques of any artist instantly by watching them demonstrate and by watching the videos repeatedly, please know that, though many artists offer insights that can help people overcome a lot of learning time, every artist learns at their own speed based on their own level of understanding. Painting and drawing bring great joy, though the joy may come from practicing various techniques over and over until you master them. We do not wish to indicate that you, or anyone, can skip the joy of practice and the challenges of getting better. Painting is a lifetime endeavor, and getting good does not typically happen rapidly, or instantly. Your results may vary. And please know that if at any time within 30 days you feel this video has not lived up to your expectations or its promise, we will happily refund your money.