Robert A. Johnson

Robert A. Johnson: Flowers - Bouquets & Brushwork


Video Length: 4 Hours 42 Minutes
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Discover How to Paint Flowers That Capture Your Unique Voice

Imagine creating a painting that captures the true beauty of your subject, as taught by the Old Masters, while also showcasing your unique artistic voice. 

Artist Robert Johnson is going to show you how to do exactly that.

Robert has over three decades of painting and teaching experience in addition to being a Master Signature member of Oil Painters of America, and this is your chance to soak up the knowledge of a true artist’s artist!

This is “Floral Fusion” — where the Old Masters techniques meet modern application, as demonstrated through a gorgeous bouquet of warm flowers.

If you’re looking for an approach that will set you apart while staying within the proven structures of a traditional painting approach, you’ve found the perfect mentor.

You’ll learn a “direct method” that involves jumping quickly into the finishing stages of a painting with clean, descriptive brushwork and fresh paint quality.

Robert will prove to you how this will heighten and preserve your excitement as you feel the finished painting emerge before you, resulting in a painting that’s full of energy and life!


You’ll discover how to infuse excitement and life into your work through Robert’s signature approaches:

  • Discover Robert Johnson’s “Floral Fusion” approach and learn how to combine traditional methods with your signature voice…
  • Learn to expertly apply traditional painting methods with a twist to get even more attention from viewers…
  • Master the “Direct Method” to preserve excitement from initial stage to final brushstroke — a guaranteed approach for energetic paintings!
  • Witness an uncommon sculptural technique Robert uses for his paintings…
  • Gestural brushwork tips to make an impactful statement…
  • Robert’s “Wipe Out” technique to create volume, depth, and dimension in your work…
  • How to create the ILLUSION of spontaneity and loose painting while keeping key fundamentals in place to create timeless art…
  • PRO TIP: How to arrange your flowers for MAXIMUM interest!
  • Secrets on how to move the viewer through the canvas…
  • How to lift paint the RIGHT way…
  • The counterintuitive method to make flowers even brighter and more cheerful (it’s NOT adding more lights!)...
  • Design-altering tips to lead the viewer’s eye…
  • Focal area SIMPLIFIED!
  • The DANGERS of using yellow, and what to do when it’s the main color…
  • Discover the “1-Stroke” magic to paint PERFECT petals every time…
  • How to get viewers to fill in the blanks for you for a more exciting painting…
  • How to add breathtaking depth to your paintings…
  • How to be INTENTIONAL with your brushstroke (and get viewers to feel it)…
  • The ONE brush you must have to paint flowers accurately…
  • How to get away with expressing yourself while still being “honest” to the flowers…
  • How to avoid painting “droopy dahlias”...
  • and so many more incredible insights straight from a true master!


Robert trains you to work both thoughtfully and intuitively, like the masters. You’ll gain an arsenal of skills to add energy and depth to your paintings, cutting your learning curve dramatically.

Once you’ve completed the final lesson, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning piece of floral artwork!


Chapter 1: Introduction

Learn more about Robert’s painting philosophies on how to blend classical mastery with contemporary style. You’re about to learn how to create paintings that capture timeless beauty yet bear your unique creative fingerprint!


Chapter 2: Materials

Discover Robert’s palette of vibrant oil paints, specialized brushes, and palette knives perfected for painting lifelike flowers. Learn how to wield these tools for maximum expressiveness. This is not just about the “what” but the “why” behind each choice!


Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Still Life

Study Robert’s techniques to transform ordinary setups into extraordinary paintings. Balance colors, shapes, and movement to create artistic momentum. Robert’s careful selection of dahlias, focusing on color diversity and dynamic arrangement, teaches you to look beyond and infuse your work with movement and life.


Chapter 4: Lay in the Design

Dive into the heart of your painting by laying in the design with boldness and freedom. Chapter 4 encourages a liberating approach to sketching your still life, emphasizing gestural brushwork and the adaptability of oil paints to carve out your composition. Watch in awe as Robert establishes a bold, flowing composition with energetic brushwork!


Chapter 5: Bring in Color

Chapter 5 is where color takes center stage. Learn from Robert the art of balancing darks and lights, shaping flowers with broad strokes, and the critical role of greens. You’ll get to learn systematic techniques for conveying form, depth, and light through color theory and value control. Mix remarkably accurate hues and institute order through compelling value contrasts. This chapter is a masterclass in building up color, value, and variety to breathe life into your flowers.


Chapter 6: Concentrate on the Focal Area

Refine your painting’s heart by simplifying and accentuating the focal area. Robert’s approach to painting perfect petals and using contrast and edge to hold the viewer’s gaze teaches the delicate balance between detail and suggestion.


Chapter 7: Move Around the Painting

Expand your canvas’s story by enhancing the supporting elements. Through flexibility and intentional brushwork, Robert guides you in creating a cohesive composition that leads the eye while offering depth and character to each petal and leaf. Learn how to orchestrate your entire composition to support the focal area through color, value, and edge manipulation.


Chapter 8: Develop the Design

Push the boundaries of your creative expression in Chapter 8. As you add new elements and adjust the background, this chapter encourages experimentation with brush and palette knife to achieve harmonious balance and maximum drama. Discover brush techniques for painting lively, flowing greenery and petals that dance with rhythm.


Chapter 9: Refine the Painting

This chapter is about making every stroke meaningful. Robert’s focus on refining color, value, and the dance of the stems turns the act of painting into a ballet of brushes, enhancing the painting’s overall grace and impact!


Chapter 10: Final Touches

Watch as Robert applies his finishing expertise to complete a museum-worthy floral portrait. Absorb the secrets to making your focal area pop realistically off the canvas. Final adjustments spotlight the focal area, ensuring the viewer’s journey through your painting ends in admiration of your skillful play of light, color, and form, leaving a lasting impression of your flowers!


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have the skills to paint with your signature voice while preserving the timeless principles of the Old Masters!


Meet Your New Instructor, Robert Johnson!

Robert Johnson is no ordinary art instructor — he is an acclaimed master painter with over 30 years of experience dedicated to perfecting his craft.

His oil paintings hang in galleries across North America, and he has won numerous national awards, including being named a Master Signature member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America.

In his youth, Robert’s instincts drew him to painting, though his path detoured through playing college football and practicing law before he became a full-time professional artist. Since then, his singular focus on further advancing his skills has made him one of today’s leading representational painters.

Robert distills decades of hard-won knowledge into his masterclasses, guiding students to new levels of artistic excellence. His approach focuses on mastering fundamentals like drawing, composition, and color theory — core skills applicable to any art form. He demonstrates techniques hands-on, directly on students’ canvases, providing tailored guidance to unlock their potential.

Now you have the opportunity to benefit directly from Robert’s expertise through his new video, Flowers: Bouquets & Brushwork.

Follow along as this artistic master reveals his methods for creating dimensional, expressive floral paintings. Robert’s thoughtful, time-tested techniques will give you the tools to inject vibrancy and life into your own paintings and still meet today’s modern expectations.

With Robert as your guide, you’ll make more progress in weeks than you thought possible.

Let a true master painter shorten your learning curve and start creating the artwork you’ve dreamed of!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nancy Holloway
Watching a master painter

I loved watching the video. The character of the painter comes through so strongly,
his patience, dedication, precision carefulness - truly a life on display.
The painting was beautiful also and much to learn from it. THe aim seemed to be to portray beauty and not ego.

Xiaolei Zhang
An update on the Masters

This is a high quality production showcasing the personal approach to oil painting developed by the instructor Robert Johnson. This approach is an update on the Old Masters techniques evolved through the ages, and its development appears to have been influenced by the instructor's Sumi-e training with a Japanese teacher early on. The brushwork shown in the painting demo is economical, descriptive, and expressive.

This painting approach is a valuable addition to the repertoire of classical oil painting techniques. As Robert's previous workshop attendee, I found his approach to be effective and can easily be incorporated into each painter's individual painting style.

Christine Ringo
Robert A. Johnson: Flowers - Bouquets & Brushwork

I have purchased many, many videos and this is now my favorite. Mr. Johnson provides instruction all the way through. I have been trying to capture the correct brushwork for flowers (he works on dahlias and I am a dahlia gardener so what a bonus for me!) and this is the first time I believe I have seen the brushwork on flowers demonstrated so clearly. I love this video. Thank you so much!!